Australian Business adopt QR Codes

QR Codes for Australian BusinessesOver the last few months our business has seen a huge increase of businesses looking to adopt QR Codes for promotion and advertising needs.

Who Are Using QR Codes?

The application of QR Codes that Australian businesses are adopting is very wide. Some of the business we have been contacted by and are starting to utilze QR Codes are:

Qr Codes and Mobile Website  for Wineries,  Mechanics, Retail Stores, Pet Shops, Hotels, Property developers, Massage, Dentists and many more.

Why Are people interested in QR Codes?

With the rapid adoption of web enabled mobile devices fuelling consumer demand, Smartphones now account for 63 per cent of the total handset market and 68 per cent of Australians plan to use mobile devices for transactions and payments in the near future…”

Jennifer Cromarty, Australian Retailers Association Deputy Executive Director, said: “The mobile device has become such an integral part of our lives that most people would rather leave the house without their wallet than forget their phone. It is highly personal, always connected and always with you. The opportunities for retailers to create highly personalised and compelling user experiences are endless.”

Important QR Code Tactics!

The most important use of the QR Code is to send the viewer to a mobile enabled website. So any advertising agencies adopting QR Codes forget that they are scanned on a mobile phone and hence the screen size is an important consideration.

Hitting a site that is not mobile enabled causes the viewer to have to scroll and zoo all over the place to find the information they are interested in and a non mobile enabled site will have them clicking away in no time.

The three main elements are a tap to call, a map with directions and finally a great experience so they will share it with their friends.

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