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Over the last few months our business has seen a huge increase of businesses looking to adopt QR Codes for promotion and advertising needs. Who Are Using QR Codes? The application of QR Codes that Australian businesses are adopting is very wide. Some of the business we have been contacted by and are starting to

Utilize your invoices, mailing and brochure material with QR Codes. Feature QR codes on promotional materials that encourage users to scan and sign-up. The “sign-up” logic could work for entering contests, joining professional associations/LinkedIn groups, registering for events, or RSVP’ing to invites. If you’re linking to a lead form, be sure to auto-fill information (if

Britain’s female beach volleyball champions are renting out their rears in an advertising deal that encourages spectators to photograph their behinds. Zara Dampney, 24, and Shauna Mullin, 26, have turned their bottoms into their bottom line by wearing bikini briefs with a Quick Response (QR) code printed on the back where it will catch the eye

How to Use QR Codes Australia For Your Offline Consulting Business QR Codes are a great marketing tool if your working with offline companies because they allow them to utilize their print media to give people added information, make sales and generally create a buzz. How do QR Codes Work? A QR Code is a

One is, barcodes are a green solution. Look at the amount of paper saved if you DID NOT have to keep printing flyers, or directions, or user manuals for the stereo system you bought. They scan the code and read it on their phone, or store it for later. Business cards will be plastic, scanned

What is a QR Code A QR Code (stands for “Quick Response”) is a mobile phone readable barcode that’s been big in Japan forever, broke into Europe a while back, and is now getting traction in USA, UK and Australia. A QR Code can contain a wide range of information and is being used by businesses all

Today we added even more QR Code features to the tracking system! In your admin section you can now add even more QR Code options to create a number of different QR Code graphics and store them for future reference. QR Code Extras Under the generate QR Code tab you will now see a new