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We all know about QR codes. Some black and white boxes, containing encoded data. Boring, isn’t it? Let’s decorate and make your QR codes more stylish and customized! Here are the designs we offer in our dynamic QR Codes generator. Today, we will tell you how to make attractive QR codes. Let’s have a look

Developers for Apps that run on various operating systems can now use QR Codes for Apps! QR Codes for apps is a service providing a QR Code tracking service which enables App Developers to create a QR Code which will automatically pick up the Operating System of the phone and send them to the appropriate site to

QR Codes are popping up everywhere and the business of creating a Customized QR Codes has enabled businesses to really make their campaigns stand out. To Order your Customized QR Codes Click Here The QR Code will look ever more interesting as the image, logo or preferred text will give mobile phone users a rough idea