Compelling reasons to use and track QR Codes

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One is, barcodes are a green solution.

Look at the amount of paper saved if you DID NOT have to keep printing flyers, or directions, or user manuals for the stereo system you bought. They scan the code and read it on their phone, or store it for later.

Business cards will be plastic, scanned into a smartphone and stored; no more forgetting your business card.

What if you are visiting your grandma and see the baffling array of prescriptions and ointments? Ack! But not a problem if you could scan the prescription info. For that matter entire life-saving records retrieved by a barcode on your health card.

Educational systems could use codes everywhere; they would save substantially with the student database alone.

Museums are enriching visitor experience – scan anything and learn more about its origin, find books about it, see a video…

Visiting a new city: Maps, historical walks, restaurants, hotels, activities, attractions, coupons, etc. The city’s Chamber of Commerce could sell ad space to merchants to be included on the landing pages.

Bands could place codes on promo posters that link to a music video, music samples, concert ticket purchases, playdates.

Tickets could be sold via 2d QR barcodes and instant upsells for better seats, food, t-shirts, limos…?

Newspapers and magazines could add codes to get more classifieds listings, help authors share more about themselves, expand on articles –

Groceries: codes that link to nutritional info, recipes, alternatives (for diabetics, etc).

Building citations: send the code to the most appropriate place to leave a testimonial.

2D Barcodes could act as translators for tourists.

Any business can send out coupons, run contests, send out SMS with specials, sales, free samples (“act now!”) etc.

Doctor’s offices could have scannable codes for any freaking thing they want to their patients to know: pre-op instructions, healthy tips, medical advice – it would save them on time and materials, and what a captive audience a waiting room makes. hmmm…

Non profits can get ‘spontaneous’ donations.

I’m thinking if the marketers do it right, people will not become immune to seeing barcodes; rather they will look forward to using them because they can find out ‘what’s in it for me?’

And it has to be worth their while; always giving them something of value and directing them to an appropriate mobile website.

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