Largest QR Codes in the world

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In our recent research we came across a battle for the largest QR Codes in the world.

Qr Codes are becoming a great tool for businesses and organizations to attract attention.

People who scan the code with their smartphones will be taken to a website created especially for the project, Hackerspace Charlotte’s Ryan Stachurski says.

Hackerspace is a NoDa-based non-profit group that serves as venue for and initiates innovative projects.  The group is behind the giant QR code idea and partnered with scrap metal recycler Southern Resources because they needed a huge roof as platform for the project.

The code aims to generate a little more web traffic for both Southern Resources and Hackerspace.

In February 18, 2012, St-Janvier de Mirabel by Air Fest set a new record by making the biggest QR code in the world.

Air Fest is a company in Quebec, Canada that manages soccer schools and day camps for kids.

Although still unofficial, with a size of 15,625 square feet, this giant QR code beats all previous world attempts. It was created by over 400 people, with facilitators of the AEF, campers and parents of the AEF and friends.

The QR code was made with 5 x 5 black panels. The QR code is about as big as 5 tennis courts or 50 parked cars or one Olympic-sized swimming pool.

This huge QR code can only be scanned from 1,000 feet above the ground, so at 11:38 am Air Fest flew a helicopter above to take photos and video of the code.

It works 10 out of 10!” Valérie Delorme of Hélibellule announced from his Bell-222 aircraft, to the delight of the participants.

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