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QR Codes Australia has recently updated its dynamic QR Code generator to come in line with customer requests. In a few weeks we will also be adding NFC to the list.

Hamilton Chan is CEO and founder of Paperlinks says

“The QR code: A thing of beauty or an eyesore? The magical barcodes that can be scanned by a smartphone to launch an offline-to-online experience are often criticized for their black and white checkerbox appearance. Those who doubt that QR codes will go mainstream are quick to point out that the look of QR codes will deter marketers and advertisers from using them.

Fortunately, QR codes are malleable and can be redesigned in truly extraordinary ways, while still maintaining their scanability. The truth is, QR codes no longer have to be checkerbox in appearance. We’ve entered a new phase of “designer codes” that can be integrated into marketing campaigns in an attractive way that isn’t an eyesore.”

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QR codes have so much potential from a design perspective and providing a base for your design is part of our new process.

Part of this is the generators ability to add new styles of QR Codes as seen below which can be chosen when creating the QR Code. You can also add in a logo for your business or product and color them right in the generation process.

New QR Codes QR Code

QR Codes have established themselves in the marketplace.

We see them at the movies, in magazines, on the rail and buses, in supermarkets and all over the place. Most people now have a fair idea what they are so compared to a few years ago they have taken traction.

macdonalds QR CodesMacDonalds To
Use QR Code

One of the latest companies to jump on the QR code bandwagon is McDonald’s.

The fast food giant announced a few weeks ago that it will be launching a new global packaging design that uses a QR code on its carry-out packaging. The service will allow customers to view the nutritional information of their purchased food items.

This is a highly CRM-focused move by McDonald’s, which is not only trying to maintain relationships with their nutrition-conscious customers by being transparent about the calorie information, but also allowing the nutritional information to be available in real-time.

The biggest bonus for McDonald’s and other merchants is that a  QR code can contain information about the purchase: what was sold, date, time, location and payment method.

Using this data, companies can get to know their customers buying habits and better tailor their marketing messages.

McDonald’s will leverage its app to get a sense of whether customers would prefer a Big Mac or an Angus Burger or a McCafe Mocha versus a fruit smoothie or discover whether new nutritious item on the menu will be a hit or not.

The setup is lightweight, integrating with existing POS systems via an add-on device or software plug-in.

The quick scan also makes it easy for customers to enroll, and having your mobile replace the stack of paper cards in your wallet – or forgotten in your kitchen drawer – is a bonus, too.

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