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Once you have created your QR Code you will want to add it to your media.

This can be brochures, advertisements in any print media, websites, apparel in fact anywhere you can print the code.


It is always a good idea to add some information about where the code will take you.

Remember that this is advertising so a good offer will encourage people to scan your code.

Using QR Codes to Market Your Business: Creating a Code

Once you have generated a QR Code, put it on just about anything: packaging, ads, posters, billboards, business cards, signage, stickers, and your website.

Bonterra Vineyards includes tags on its wine bottles.  You will find them all over New York City on bus shelters, phone kiosks, drug store signage, cocktail napkins and sporting venues.

The more places they appear, the people are getting used to the easy transition between the physical and digital worlds.

“Even if you battle and get shelf space, you really need to differentiate yourself,” says Jerry Whiting, president and CEO of Azalea Software, which makes the QRdvark reader for iPhone and Android. “As long as you’re printing packaging, why not put a QR Code on it?”

The key is to be ready on the other end of the code with some content that actually intrigues the user, and makes them get out their phone and scan.

Using QR Codes to Market Your Business: What Content to Offer

A QR code or other 2-D tag can link to just about anything. But whatever content you send back to user must be something worthwhile. “You need to interact with people in a way that’s going to be interesting and fun,” Ochman says.

McGuire says consumers don’t want to be bombarded with more brand information or plain advertising. Customers who scan the Microsoft Tag on a Bonterra bottle may be greeted with a recipe, a pairing suggestion, a coupon, or a holiday video message.

“It’s just up to the brand to be as creative as the want to be with the tag,” she says. “Then, actually give consumers information that would enrich every day life.”

Jordan says some companies he’s worked with send slideshows or sweepstakes entries back to users, while clothing companies will send fashion tips.

“Anything really that can be presented in a digital or image format can be returned back to the consumer,” he says.

Here is a rough guide to sizes:

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