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Create and Track QR Codes From Within Your WordPress Dashboard

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You can create an unlimited number of QR Codes in your WordPress Dashboard. Simply create the QR Code type: url, text, contact. email, phone or SMS. Enter the details and your QR Code is created immediately and automatically for you.

QR Codes

Once you have created your QR Code you can download it and use it on your websites, business cards, printed material and any place you like.

QR Codes Tracking

The built in optional tracking feature enables you to add tracking to your QR Code. When turned on the tracking feature automatically creates a short URL on your domain where people who scan the url will be taken to first when they scan your qr code.

This allows you to see the number of scans of the QR Code allowing to to optimize your campaign.

Each scan is registered and then the visitor is then automatically sent to the entered url. This means you can create QR Codes for any site even ones outside your domain.

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