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QR Code TrackingWhat is QR Code Tracking?

QR Code Tracking here at QR Codes Australia is very much like Google Analytics. Once you have created the code in our tracking software we provide you with a code to add into the pages you want tracked.

Our QR Code Tracking is designed more for the marketer who wants to gauge the response from his QR Codes campaigns in media rather than the casual QR Code Tracker client.

How Are We different to other QR Code Tracking Services?

Most QR Coder tracking services  know you are concerned about how many times your codes are scanned and while this is a good measure they charge you for that and it can get expensive.

We approach QR Code Tracking differently as we charge per campaign no matter how many scans you get.

Most businesses only run certain campaigns for a set time so we enable you to control all of this by setting up goals and dates.

Also because you add a small script to your site we can provide a wide range of analytics for you giving you a lot better idea of how your campaign went and any interesting deviations.

Full Analytics With Your QR Code Tracking


This is a professional web application that enables you to measure the effectiveness of QR Code barcodes deployed in the offline world.
It will generate the QR Codes for you, and gather analytics data when people scan them. The data will then be presented to you in a manner that is easily understood. QR Code tracking makes it very easy.
With your QR Code Tracking you will be able to view daily , weekly, monthly and yearly scans, locations they were scanned from, and phone models that were used .
With this QR Code Tracking Service you get the ability to define and measure goals, gives you the insight in to how effective a campaign is. You can therefore compare the response you get from each campaign and calculate your ROI.

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