QR Codes and Charities

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QR Codes for Charities!

Over the last 12 months we have seen a huge number of uses for QR Codes from simple URL redirection to online ticketing and discounts.

Mobile marketing and QR Codes for Charities and Aid Organizations is just taking off and as always first adopters get the key advantage.

How to use QR Codes for your Charity

qr codes for charityI believe that this year QR codes will become mainstream, as the smart phone market continues to grow.

With new phones becoming more responsive, we will start digesting more media through our mobiles.

QR codes offer a fantastic opportunity to engage supporters with print and outdoor campaigns.

By tailoring mobile website content for those scanning your QR Codes you can create strong reasons why people should scan the code.

This could be a 10% membership discount to join an association or group, or entry into a competition to win concert tickets if the scanner donates to your charity after scanning the code and so many more opportunities.

QR codes – in addition to being a fun and a dynamic supporter engagement tool – will help us better monitor and evaluate the impact of our campaigns in the future.

The Biggest Problem for Charities and QR Codes

After having run numerous campaigns for businesses the biggest problem is that advertising and arketing agencies have very little understanding of QR Codes so they tend to direct to a traditional site.

Unfortunately these do not show up on mobiles very well forcing the reader to scroll and zoom which tend to make them leave.

The Solution

You really have to think a little bit differently so a coupon, mobile site or some sort of offer that can easily be rendered on a mobile phone is the best solution.

This also enables tracking so you can then follow how successful each campaign is working.

A good mobile website can incorporate numerous different functions so this is by far the best solution to link your QR Codes to.

Charity QR Codes Examples has come up with a pioneering fundraising campaign using QR codes. With the end goal of giving out 8.5 million pounds of food to New York City’s indigents last Christmas, they invited people to scan QR codes on their posters.

These QR codes resolved to the City Harvest website where people can get more information about the organization and about how to contribute. From there, scanners of the code would be able to donate any amount they wish or call the City Harvest hotline to make a donation.

Yet another example of QR codes with a cause is Tees at Risk. Tees at Risk benefits various organizations that help out troubled teens. Tees at Risk prints T-shirts with unique and eye-catching design created by a teen who was helped by Tees at Risk.

The shirt includes a QR code that tells the story of the particular teenage designer.

Just recently, London-based retail establishment Sefridges hosted a charity sponsored by Oxfam Curiosity Shop, wherein second-hand clothes donated by top celebrities are sold. These clothes, donated by celebrities like Annie Lennox, Scarlet Johansson, and Colin Firth, come with a QR code on their tags that links buyers to exclusive content via the Oxfan mobile website.

Specifically, upon scanning the code, the buyer is directed to a video that tells the story of that piece from the former celebrity owner’ perspective. The proceeds of this charity event are put toward various projects worldwide.

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