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Today we added even more QR Code features to the tracking system!

In your admin section you can now add even more QR Code options to create a number of different QR Code graphics and store them for future reference.

QR Code Extras

Under the generate QR Code tab you will now see a new menu called extras. While these cannot be tracked like the other QR Codes you can produce the service now provides a wide range of codes you can use and store.

In this section you can now create:

* meCard

* Calendar

* Email

* Phone

* Plain Text


* Maps

* Social Media

These will all be stored for future reference and can be used in a variety of ways.

The meCard is excellent for allowing people to add your contact details instantly and great for business cards etc.

The Calendar QR Code code is great for adding events at certain times.

The Phone Qr Code will add a phone number to contact details and allow them to call you instantly

Using the Plain Text Code allows you to provide a message and link to your website.

Similarly the SMS code will enable them to receive a message via sms.

The Map QR Code will send them directly to the map of your choice. Just enter the business or address and generate the QR Code immediately

The Social media QR Code will link to any of your social media sites.

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