QR Codes For App Developers

Developers for Apps that run on various operating systems can now use QR Codes for Apps!

QR Codes for apps is a service providing a QR Code tracking service which enables App Developers to create a QR Code which will automatically pick up the Operating System of the phone and send them to the appropriate site to download the app.

QR Codes For Apps Options

QR Codes For Apps

Services Available We provide two options for you to create QR Codes for your Apps.

QR Codes For Apps with Tracking Option 1 – $25.00/year

We will create the QR Code for you and all that you do is simply pay $25.00 a year
and then send us the url to your app for the different operating systems. It can be
for one like the iphone or all of them.

iPad App
Android App
Blackberry App
Nokia App
Microsoft App

We will set up a tracking account, add the url for each app and then send you the
QR Code in PDF and the login so you can track where your apps were downloaded.

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Come back here after payment and fill in the form.

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Payment for QR Codes For Apps

QR Codes For Apps

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QR Codes For Apps with Tracking Option 2 – $10.00/month

If you produce a lot of apps for yourself or customers you can use our premium label tracking service which gives you 500 QR Codes which you can then onsell.

Bulk QR Codes For Apps

Premium White Label QR CodesWhy Use QR Codes for Apps

Once you get your QR Codes you can add them to your websites, magazines or anywhere people might like to scan them.

Unfortunately most of the various marketplaces are terrible for searching out your app and by using this system you can use your website or other media to direct people immediately to your app download on most of the popular OS systems.

This will help increase your downloads and also allow you to provide more information on the workings of your app.

If your like me I tend to research first on my computer or pad and then go and try and find what I want on my phone which can have varying results.

By using QR Codes for apps they can scan and load with out having to search making it a lot quicker for your customers plus you can share your QR Code in im age galleries, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and so much more.