QR Codes for Business Pt4

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We’re winding down to the end of this short course. But we still need to go over a few things, so today we are going to jump right in and talk about how to make the most out of QR code assisted advertising.

There are a few things that you should be concerned about when integrating the QR Codes in your business. Most of the time, you only need a smartphone and an internet connection to make sense of the qr code.

While the code itself may post something as simple as a discount code or a weblink to another website, you have to, in general terms, be careful of what you use the QR code on. You just cannot post he QR code without having to think what it must do, or what purpose does it do with your business.

The main effect of the QR code on your company is to make people aware of what you are doing and making them, the customers or the potential customers if they saw the code online and you want these people to buy stuff from you as many as possible.

In order to make them do that, you need to do certain things with your qr codes to maximize its effect on your customers. They say that in order to maximize the effect of a typical QR code, it has to be able to do something for the customer, or a visitor. Most businesses offer a weblink for additional things about the products or freebies that come
with each purchase of the product that your customer did.

Now, there are a few things that you need to avoid doing so that you do not lose customers when using QR codes. One is that these QR Codes have much more data that can be stored in them, but if the data is too much, the dots tend to be much finer. If the dots cannot be clearly picked up by a typical camera phone, you just lost an opportunity for
potentially more profits.

This is why you must test that codes that you want to use. The best way to test your codes is by doing beta testing with your employees using their smart phone camera and see if they pick it up clearly and it is decoded properly.

Another thing to do is the most out of the QR code that you posted. This simply means that do not waste the time of the person who saw your qr code, decoded it, followed the instructions that it contained only to find that it led them to a wallpaper that they download, which they may not even like.

Other things to avoid when posting QR codes with your advertisement posters is to avoid putting these posters in places where there is no signal or internet connection. It is already time consuming to see the qr code, stop to decode it and find out that you cannot send it to the company website for processing because there is no signal or internet
connection where the person is standing.

There are many ways to take advantage of the QR code. You only need to avoid certain things that make these codes useless to most people. We already know that people get interested when they see QR Codes, and making sure that they can process it can make the biggest difference to how your advertisement campaign goes.

I hope today’s lesson was helpful to you. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for my next email. There will be some great stuff in your last lesson.

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