QR Codes For Offline Marketers

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How to Use QR Codes Australia For Your Offline Consulting Business

QR Codes are a great marketing tool if your working with offline companies because they allow them to utilize their print media to give people added information, make sales and generally create a buzz.

How do QR Codes Work?

A QR Code is a 2d bar code which allows people with a mobile phone and an app to scan the code and take them to a website which can have extra information such as a discount coupon, sales page etc.

This page obviously needs to be mobile friendly and we will get into that in another post.

Tracking is the Secret of a Good Campaign

Creating a QR Code is quite simple however you should also track your codes to see how effective they are. QR Codes Australia has a complete QR Code tracking and analytics program that works similar to Google Analytics.

How does this Help my Offline Consulting Business?

We provide a tracking service that allows you to create the QR Code then by adding a little snipit of code to the page it redirects the visitor to it will gather information and statistics.

We have a number of different packages and you can set up campaigns for each of your customers and then supply those statistics for them and charge an appropriate fee.

QR Codes Australia tracking prices

As you can see in the picture above there is something called sub users. This is where you would set up each of your customers codes. You can then download a CSV of that campaign or email it to your customer.