The Importance of Your Offer

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qr code offerThe most important part of the process is the offer.

When a client scans your code it is important that you send them to a mobile friendly url for offers or content.

In our research I don’t know how many times we were redirected to a standard site that was almost impossible to read on a smart phone let alone a mobile phone.

Your Website

In todays technology it is fairly simple and economical to have both a well performing website and a mobile friendly site.

Third Party Providers

You can also use one of the many services to create coupons etc to redirect your visitors too.

What are the possibilities?

Well, let’s take a look at where consumers are finding QR codes. They show up in magazine ads, maps, food packaging, posters, leaflets, business cards, emails, websites and on the sides of buses. With these vehicles in mind, the current technology could be used in the following manner:

  1. Encode a 2 page document with about 600 words / 4500 characters in a single symbol.
  2. Encode contact information or a short white paper on the back of a business card.  This enables a paper to digital transfer of information.
  3. Enable an easy connection by a mobile device to your website. You could also encode a map with directions for company visitors, or encode company information for display in Google maps.
  4. Track print-based media effectiveness – tracking which ad or poster drove traffic to custom landing pages. Users can also interact with other printed media such as offers on paper-based gift cards and coupons. QR codes can be printed on receipts with additional offers, or provide customer service contact information.
  5. Users can also interact with digital advertisements. For example, they can scan digital coupons and discount offers on a webpage. You could also place QR codes in an email newsletter for additional offers or for event-based information.
  6. You can develop loyalty programs – providing special offers on landing pages from paper-based content that is not accessible from any other source. You could push consumers to a website to view the daily offer, to see if they won a free prize or perhaps to participate in a contest. You could also conduct surveys where a user scans one of multiple choice codes and the select response is automatically sent back to the company.
  7. You can enable product purchase offers, and provide easy access to product information and reviews. You can also provide easy connections to down load applications and content. You could also register a bookmark, append a QR code to a tweet using or encode access to a special webinar.
  8. You could print codes with product or contact information on business swag such as coffee cups, t-shirts and hats. I’ve also seen several examples where a QR codes were tattooed on a man’s arm.

Examples of how a few companies are using QR Codes:

  1. Dick’s Sporting Goods displayed a QR code on the JumboTron during a football game. The fans took pictures of the QR code which connected them to their website where they were offered discounts on purchases.
  2. McDonald’s uses QR Codes on its packaging in Japan so consumers can access nutritional information, and review the amount of calories, fat, and carbohydrates in their meal.
  3. A couple of years ago, Ralph Lauren began placing QR Codes in print ads, store placements, and mailers.  The QR Codes gave consumers access to their style guides, limited edition collections and exclusive video content.
  4. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull movie posters were printed with QR Codes, giving users access to movie’s trailers. The user also received a QR code discount coupon for their next concessionary purchase.
  5. Pepsi printed QR codes on bottles that redirected users to a custom landing page to view content.
  6. CSI recently used QR codes as a plot twist in a TV episode.
  7. The Nonprofit Technology Network conducted a scavenger hunt at the recent NTEN conference.
  8. Google is using QR codes to highlight “Favorite Places” in search results.
  9. Editoras Online published a book that contained nothing but QR codes (no text what so ever) that when decoded provided content about love and hate.
  10. Audi made a giant QR code out of people holding black and white squares in a video advertisement.
  11. Lego created QR code advertisement using Lego blocks.
  12. Tissot uses a QR code in a recent watch advertisement.
  13. Fox is using QR codes to advertise TV programming.
  14. Companies are printing QR codes directly on food (e.g., crackers).
  15. Calvin Klein printed a QR code on a giant billboard to drive traffic to a video.
  16. Joe Martin, author of the Mister Bobbo comic strip has used QR codes in several of his recent strips.

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