Our QR Code Tracking System is available worldwide for
tracking and analytical information of your QR Codes.
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We use a similar system to Google Analytics to track your qr codes giving you much broader analytics than most QR Code Tracking systems.

How it works!

You log into your account and create your QR Code which will then provide you with a snipit of code to add to the pages you want tracked. If you use software like WordPress you can just add it to your header and see where people go.

Data include:


Type Of Phone Used

What phone did they use to scan your qr code

Traffic Over View 

QR Code Traffic


What were the Goals for your QR Code

How to use your account

In the first instance it is very simple. Create your QR code and add it to your media then watch and see what people do.

One think you may notice is the sub users.

What this allows you to do is set up separate accounts under different user names say for different departments in your organization or clients in your business.

Corporate Customers Who Want a Larger
Tracking Service Contact Us Today

Deployment of your QR Code Campaign

If you are deploying a QR Code campaign with no clear objective, then this is not for you. But if you are serious about making your QR Code campaign a success, and want to know the return on your investment, then look no further. We have a practical solution for that!

After creating dozens of 2D barcode applications, and testing thousands of QR Code campaigns, I’ve discovered that knowing just the number of people who scanned the QR Codes is not enough. The numbers may be impressive, but when you take a hard look at your goals, you soon realize that something is amiss! We speculated then, but now we know why!