Dynamic QR Code Special Offer

Due to the release of our brand new Dynamic QR Code Generator we have a special 2 for 1 Dynamic QR Code offer.

These used to be $27.50 a single Dynamic QR Code however with the new software we have cut down on having to manually create each account so can pass the savings onto our customers.

What is a Dynamic QR Code

All QR Codes embed the information in those small squares and your device, usually a mobile smartphone, uses those squares to translate the information and provide the information whether text, images or links to a website and online information.

In a static QR Code it will create more squares depending on the length of the information added. Hence they can become very dense a harder to scan if reduced in size too much.

A Dynamic QR Code embeds a short URL linked to a data base and hence remain very scalable and easy to scan.

Because of this you can enter large URLs with all sorts of additions for analytics etc and it will not change the density of the QR Code.

The other great thing is you can change this information numerous times without having to regenerate the QR Code image.

Additionally you can get some basic statistics for the scans plus get additional statistics through programs like Google analytics.

As a special get 2 for 1 dynamic QR Codes for $22 AUD a year.

You can access a whole range of tutorials and order your
Dynamic QR Codes Here


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