If you have been following the QR Code evolution then you have seen them popping up everywhere let alone for Covid. Dynamic  QR Codes bridge the gap between print and digital marketing platforms.


Table Of Contents for 7 Uses for Dynamic QR Codes

  1. Overview of QR Codes
  2. Dynamic QR Codes for Business Cards
  3. Dynamic QR Codes for Products
  4. Dynamic QR Codes for Marketing Metrics
  5. Dynamic QR Codes for Multi Channel Promotions
  6. Dynamic QR Codes for Coupons
  7. Dynamic QR codes for App Downloads
  8. Dynamic QR Codes for Hospitality

7 Uses for Dynamic QR Codes Overview

A  QR Code stands for “Quick Response”. We are a local business based in Brisbane using Australian servers to deliver Static and Dynamic QR Codes.

They come in two types. 1. Free Static QR Code Generator which are free and non editable.

2. Dynamic QR Codes which the destination is editable and trackable and have a fee for the database..

QR Codes can link to a wide range of information and are being used by businesses all over the world as a Marketing tool, Product Information, Hospitality, Maintenance and much more. 

To order your Dynamic QR Code go to our online Dynamic QR Codes or Free Static QR Codes

Watch our videos on using dynamic QR Codes and decoration.

Thanks for the great interface you have set up. My first time creating a dynamic QR code (indeed my first time creating a QR code!) and I was all done within about 10 minutes. Really fair prices you’re offering too, thanks again!

Dynamic QR Codes for Business Cards

Many people add a QR Code to their business card using a simple static QR Codes and a vCard which means when someone scans the card it can be added to their contact information.

As business people we run our business on information and understanding what’s happening. By using dynamic QR Codes we can see how many are scanning our codes. If not many are then we have a better idea of what’s happening.

Because Dynamic QR Codes only go to URLs then setting up a contact page for each employee with a business card will make the process very easy. You can also create a vCard file and link to it on the contact page. Here is where you can create one https://vcardmaker.com/

7 Uses for Dynamic QR Codes

Dynamic QR Codes for Products

We have clients who have dynamic QR codes on their products so they can see if people are interested in them. Most put a generic Dynamic QR Code on their product to link to history or a list of products or their online shop.

This means they do not need a huge number of Dynamic QR Codes but still get metrics,

Of course if you want individual metrics then you can do individual ones for each products. You can also get us to produce bulk static QR Codes for individual products and possible use an analytics link in the url. This can limit the size you can reduce the QR Code to maintain a good scan.

7 Uses for Dynamic QR Codes products


Dynamic QR Codes for Marketing Metrics

Dynamic QR Codes are trackable, meaning that once they have been scanned, you will be able to see results of that scan.  

This will includes information like the location of the scan and country of scan. If you need more detailed information programs like Google analytics can narrow it down a little more usually closest capital city.

The number of scans, what time the scans took place, as well as the operating system of the device used.

The major advantage of Dynamic QR Codes is that they can be edited at any time. This is, of course, extremely beneficial if any mistakes in the entered information were made.

Additionally, you can make adjustments to QR Code campaigns while they are running. Metrics not working then you can change tactics and maybe a coupon or Facebook page likes etc.

Dynamic QR Codes for Multi Channel Promotions

We started to mention this in the previous chapter and so lets expand on this.

You have created a QR Code to link people to your webpage however Google stats show that you are getting scans but they are not hanging around.

By changing the destination you may see a better response. Because you are using a dynamic QR Code you can start to compare the different destinations to see which ones are getting the most traction.

This means you can use multi channels to see which ones give the best results.

Dynamic QR Codes for Coupons

A QR Code Coupon is a digital coupon that is delivered via a QR Code. You can either add the promo code as text that is displayed when scanned or use it to customise a mobile friendly landing page with details of the campaign, coupon code and the option to add it to the mobile wallet.

Using dynamic QR Codes gives you the ability to determine the effectiveness of any coupon promotions you use.

With the use of the Preferences/options you can choose the date or number of scans for a coupon then revert to a generic page. Of course you can use that same QR Code over and over again.

So most businesses we have done this for use a full image scan for a phone and link to it through the QR Code. There are many different ways to do it.

Dynamic QR Codes for Coupons

Dynamic QR codes for App Downloads

As we have mentioned the beauty of Dynamic QR Codes is that you can get metrics for your campaigns and added with an analytics program you can see how your marketing is performing.

App Store QR codes are dynamic QR codes that redirect users to different URLs based on whether the device is running an Android OS or Apple’s iOS to download/install your app. 

One of the main differences between the two devices is installing an application.

In an Android device, you’ll need to open Google Play Store while on the iPhone or other iOS devices such as an iPad, you’ll need to open the App Store. 

With the QR Codes Australia Dynamic QR Code you simply choose the Campaign Type and then enter the URL for both operating systems. Android goes to Goole Play Store and iPhone got to Apple app store.

When the QR Code is scanned it will automatically choose the right platform for the phone used to scan the QR Code.

Dynamic QR Codes for Hospitality

Dynamic QR codes can be edited and updated as much as necessary so when you want to share new products or services, advertise upcoming events, change a schedule, you may edit the code as you wish while not having to reprint another physical code if it isn’t convenient for you.

They can be used for a wide variety of instances in any hospitality environment. You are not just limited to dynamic QR Codes as you can use free static ones for one of events or continuous services.

You mainly use the Dynamic QR Code for tracking and seeing how your marketing is working



As you can see in our 7 Uses for Dynamic QR Codes, there are so many ways you can incorporate them in any industry. With a little more research on your specific industry you will find even more uses.

There are also different services we can provide using both static and dynamic QR Codes. Contact us for a more detailed response.

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