QR Code marketing ideas is as simple as adding a small QR Code to your physical and digital products and administration.

QR Codes have jumped from obscurity in Australian business and marketing to being at the forefront in most businesses due to Covid19. I know because I have been creating QR Codes for nearly 10 years for businesses and organisations here in Australia.


We are very behind in Australia and if you have travelled at all you see them everywhere especially in Asia where they link QR Codes to payment systems using WeeChat however we are catching up.

In fact at the end of 2019 I was going to close down my business and then Covid19 came along and every business was looking at ways to add QR Codes contactless sign ins and the business flourished. In the end it got so busy I created a free system all businesses could use and implement immediately.

Using QR Codes For Your Business

So now that pretty well everyone knows what a QR Code is and has learnt how to scan them you can utilize them for a lot of other purposes.

* You can use it as a virtual business card to share contact information. To do this we use a Vcard which then allows people to simply add your info to their contact one the QR Code is scanned.

* You can provide a text message to a the scanner. This is great for things like medical information, pet information and so much more. If you load the text to the cloud then you can also edit it at any time.

* Use QR Codes as a contactless menu and sign in at restaurants. [How to make a QR Code Contactless sign in or Menu]

* Draft a complete mail with subject and recipient for the user to hit send.

* QR Code Payments – Taking QR code payments is easy. Retailers just need to set up an account with a payment processor like Stripe or PayPal, then generate a code. You can also get them from your merchant. The PayPal QR code is static, meaning that it doesn’t change. It’s ideal for a small or micro business that’s just starting out and deals in smaller orders. Stripe also has a QR code app — Mobip. This app lets you create static codes as well as dynamic codes (meaning it generates a different code for each transaction). You enter the amount that the consumer owes, and they scan the QR code with their smartphone to pay.

* Use it to call a number.

* Use it reveal discounts or coupon codes

* Send location coordinates using Google Maps – Most QR generators have a section called Geo Location which allows you to add a destination and then will create the QR Code for you. Our free and dynamic generator have this function.

* Add an event to the calendar along with a reminder. Again create the event and add the url to a QR Code.

* Automatically connect to the store’s Wi-Fi

* Follow a profile on social media. As with the others add the link and create a QR Code. Some generators have a special section to generate the QR Code adding little incentives etc.

* Direct users to the app store to download an app. Again this can be found on specialised generators and allows you to add the different stores into on QR Code that then picks the right one depending on the phones model.

* Business walkthrough.

If you want any help with these please feel free to contact us at any time. If you want to dive right in then simply use our free QR Code Generator or purchase a range of dynamic QR Codes through our store.


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