Smartphone App Store QR Code Campaign

Here at QR Codes Australia we enable you to produce an App Store QR Code so when someone scans it they are taken to either the Apple or Google store depending on their device. It then shows them your app they can download.

The App Store QR Code is easy to produce, Simply get the URL for both stores and add to the form then create the QR Code and your ready to promote.

Size of QR Code when generating will produce the following. 5 = 520×520 PX  10 = 1020×1020 PX and 25 = 2520×2520 PX

Customise for both print & digital platforms

Once created you can customise your App Store QR Codes made with our dynamic QR Code Generator. This means they can be styled to match with any size and shape of the design, no matter print or digital. You can produce your App Store QR Code and download in 4 different formats. SVG, EPS,PNG and PDF. By using the free online image editor you can then add colour and a range of different surrounds etc or just leave it plain.

How To Decorate Your Dynamic QR Codes

Updatable links & QR Code solutions

App Store QR Codes are a type of Dynamic QR Code. We highly recommend using this type of QR Code (as opposed to the Static version), because they can be edited without having to redesign or create a new QR Code. Accidentally made a mistake in your link? That’s absolutely no problem! Simply update the details and publish them. Furthermore, if you decide you’d rather use a different type of QR Code solution instead of an App Store QR Code, you can swap it out for another solution whenever you need it.

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