New Updated Dynamic QR Code Software nearly ready!


We are upgrading our whole product line for Dynamic QR Codes which will all be based here in Australia using Australian servers and databases. QR Codes are basically a redirection service making it easy to take traditional marketing material and add dynamic content..

Our new Static QR Code generator has also been running hot with many Australian businesses using the static QR Codes for marketing and promotions.

Why Use Dynamic QR Codes

In the marketing world it is important to change it up on a regular basis and introduce customers and potential customers to what you have to offer. This can be in any industry and a great way to do it is with QR Codes.

Since the pandemic nearly everyone knows how to scan a QR Code and by having the opportunity to change its destination on a regular basis you can provide a wide range of marketing to them.

Coupons – can be a great way to increase sales and this can be achieved by designing a simple graphic so when the QR Code is scanned a coupon pops up on their phone and they can then show it at checkout, share it with friends etc. With dynamic QR Codes you can limit the coupon by time or use and then the QR Code goes back to a preselected page or url.

Competitions – some of our customers have used QR Codes for competitions such as a link to a online form to enter the competition or any other online format.  You can also link to surveys and a whole range of competition media to promote your business. here are a few ideas from Taste.

Mobile Apps – another great thing to do with Dynamic QR Codes is to promote your app and by using a dynamic QR Code you can load all the different locations and depending on what device they are using it will locate the app for them to install.

Dynamic QR codes are used to redirect audiences to a landing page or any URL with relevant information. They can present new information to your targeted audience from time to time using a Dynamic QR code generator online. This is how dynamic QR codes come in extra handy.

New Dynamic QR Code Software

This white label application will enable you to create unlimited dynamic QR codes campaigns, and track them from your own server and website address.

The app supports campaigns for smartphone app downloads in app stores, and mobile websites .

Each campaign on the app is tracked, and gives reports that include real time scans, unique scans, GPS location, device types, and type of media used.

If the tracking code is used, further landing page activity data is gathered such as pages viewed.

QR codes generated can be downloaded in vector formats such as pdf, eps, and svg.

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