Insert QR Codes in PowerPoint Word & Excel with QR4Office Add-In

QR4Office is a free add-in which you can use for adding QR codes to your Office applications, including PowerPoint, Word and Excel. For the purpose of this post we will show you how to add a QR code to a PowerPoint slide using PowerPoint 2013.

Step 1: You can install this add-in by going to My Apps (or Store) from the Insert tab.

Step 2: To find the add-in via Apps for Office go to Store and search for QR4Office. Once the app is revealed, click and install it.

Step 3: Once installed, you can generate custom QR codes. The available categories allow you to use URLs (http and https), Mailto, SMS and Tel, Geo data and custom codes.

Step 4: Finally, insert the QR code to your slides to share your data. You can also right-click to save the QR image from the preview that will appear on your screen and then insert the image to your slides.


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