Ever thought of using a Dynamic QR Code Business Cards?

Most people when they are creating business cards sometimes add a QR Code using a V-Card or M-Card code which can never be changed or altered in any way. They use this because they link it to their QR Code which when scanned offers to add that contact information to their contacts.

When you post a link to your vCard online, visitors to your website can add your business or personal information to their email contact list instantly.

Since vCards are plain text files that follow a standard format, you can create them yourself using a text editor like Notepad. In addition, Microsoft Outlook can export vCards with information gleaned from your contact list directly to your local disk or online storage.

Once you have your vCard written, you can link to it on your website using the same tools you use to add photos or documents.

You can generate a vCard here and download it then upload to your website etc. When they click on the link with computer or phone it will offer to add contact info to their device.

Dynamic QR Code Business Cards

A new and much better way to create your Business Card is to create Dynamic QR Code Business Cards using a dynamic QR Code Generator.

This means you can change the address of your business card at any time. So for example when you first create your Dynamic QR Code you could send it to your profile and contact information on your website and include your vCard info so they can click it and add to their contacts.

By linking to a website and making your own vCard it means you can also change the vCard information for your Dynamic QR Code Business Cards just by regenerating and uploading to your site.

Next week you may be at an event and have a stand well now you can change the address on your card to promote that event and registration if needed.

Next month you maybe releasing a new product so you link to that and then back to your contact page. If your an author you maybe doing a signing, another business you may use a variety of coupons.

The best thing is you can be getting people to look at your Dynamic QR Code Business Cards over and over again with the right marketing and offers.

Why let your printer lock you into dynamic QR Code on your business card which only does one thing when you could be doing much more. One of our customers has one QR Code on one side of the card with the vCard link then a spiel on the back with a dynamic QR Code so gets the best of both worlds.

My Dynamic QR Code Business Card below sometimes points to my sites, sometimes to my YouTube page and other times to some special coupon promotions.

Dynamic QR Code Business Cards

How much does this extra service cost?

With our Dynamic QR code system you get 2 Dynamic QR Codes for $22 a year. One new lead from your dynamic QR Code will pay for itself. You can use the second Dynamic QR Code for brochures, products etc.

Obviously it doesn’t need to be as big as mine but you get the idea. Plus you can login and see how many times your code has been scanned and add a UTM url and get a whole lot of Google analytics as well.

If you want further information you can contact us here.

QR Code business card free

You can also use our free static QR Code generator to create your business card using a vCard template however sending them to your contact page and then have a vCard generated file there to click on is a much better way to get more recognition.

What is a vCard?

A vCard is an electronic (or virtual) business card format for the Internet. It stores your contact information such as emails and phone numbers and much more. vCards can be read by many programs and email clients such as Microsoft Outlook.

Why do I need a vCard?

vCards are the best way to share your contact information with your clients and friends. It helps people add you to their address book with one mouse-click. You can attach it to your emails, upload it to your website, or even send it over a cell phone.


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