Expired QR Codes is a strategy some companies might employ where they offer “free” QR codes as a form of lead generation, but these QR codes may expire or fail after a certain period of time. The reason is they use their paid dynamic QR Code System to offer the free codes for a limited time.

These expired QR Codes require the user to engage further with the company, potentially leading to sales or other engagements. We call these expired QR Codes

How To tell the difference?

When you create your QR Code with a link to your website and you scan the QR Code to test it, the link should look exactly the same other wise it will end up being an expired QR Code which means you will have to pay.

So for example here are two QR Codes.

One static and One Dynamic both pointing to the same web Address. The url is https://qrcodesaustralia.com.au/ for both however you will notice the dynamic is https://qrcau.com.au/?id=59. So if you see this later in any form with a number at the end but not your original URL it is a lead generator and a paid system so will end up as Expired QR Codes.

Expired QR Codes

Here’s a clearer breakdown:

  1. Offering Dynamic QR Codes for Free: Companies offer dynamic QR codes (i.e., QR codes that can change their destination without changing the physical QR code) for free as a bait to attract businesses or users.
  2. Lead Generation: Once the businesses or users have signed up for these free QR codes, they become leads for the company.
  3. Expiration or Failure: After a certain period or upon reaching a certain limit of scans, the QR code “fails” or no longer directs to the intended destination. This could be by design or a limit imposed on the “free” version.
  4. Upsell or Engagement: Once the QR code fails or becomes non-functional, the business or user might be prompted to purchase a premium version, sign up for additional services, or further engage with the company.

If executed ethically and transparently, this can be a legitimate business strategy. However, if companies are not upfront about the limitations of the “free” service or intentionally make QR codes fail without warning, it can be seen as deceptive. Businesses using such a strategy risk losing trust with their potential customers, which can have longer-term negative implications.

If you are considering using a service that offers dynamic QR codes for free, always read the terms of service and understand any limitations. Similarly, if you are a business thinking of employing such a strategy, be transparent and upfront with your customers to maintain trust.

Our static QR Codes are not using this type of lead generation and will last forever with no fee.


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