What is a QR Code

A  QR Code (stands for “Quick Response”) is a readable barcode that’s been big in Japan since 1994, broke into Europe a while back, and is now getting traction in USA and Australia.

Many businesses are now using them for contactless sign in and we have a tutorial on how you can make your own. Click Here

A QR Code can contain a wide range of information and is being used by businesses all over the world as a marketing tool. If you have a smart phone, and have one of the many free QR Code reading apps installed, simply point and scan the code provided and you will see the mobile version of this Website on your device.


How It Works

See below for the different types of static and dynamic QR Codes we provide.

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Once complete it will send you login details and you can start creating your own DYNAMIC (editable) QR Code campaigns. Campaigns are for each QR Code and campaign groups allows you to create a seperate accout for each QR Code. Mainly used by resellers and agencies. Watch the video for how to set up your QR Codes.

Login gives you direct access to the QR Code Tracking software which is hosted on a generic site so you can manage your campaigns for yourself or your clients with no reference to us.

Request Invoice is for those who would like us to set up your account for you and receive an invoice which can be paid via Stripe or direct deposit. Also if you just want one we can set it up for you and provide access to your tracking you can order it here for $27.40 per year. All prices in AUD

QR Codes Australia is part of our Web Site Design service, WMFP. If you want to update or create a new website which is responsive and can be viewed on all devices like the site your on now.

A PDF Document Answering many of the QR Code questions suitable for tablets and Computers Download 1.8 MB or read on your phone by Clicking Here

QR Codes for all types of uses.

I get called a lot of times during the week with people in Australia wanting to know more about QR Codes so let’s sort it out for you.

Two Types of QR Codes There are basically two types of QR Codes. They are Static QR Codes and Dynamic QR Codes.

Static QR Codes

A static QR Code is one that is produced via a program and the destination is not able to be edited or changed after creation. It provides no stats and is usually free to create. We have a free generator on our site here. These are fine if all you want is to send people to the same place forever because once created it cannot be changed. Good for business information etc.

Dynamic QR Codes

A dynamic QR Code is built via a database which means the destination can be changed at any time and it can also provide statistics. These are great for promotions or any marketing that may require specific dates or pages like sales etc.

Creating QR Codes in Excel

Insert QR Codes in PowerPoint Word & Excel with QR4Office Add-In QR4Office is a free add-in which you can use for adding QR codes to your Office applications, including PowerPoint, Word and Excel. For the purpose of this post we will show you how to add a QR code...

QR Codes Uses

QR Codes are the new marketing tool for many businesses in Australia and worldwide because we have all been introduced to them due to Covid Pandemic. I have been creating QR Codes for companies for nearly 10 years now however up to the end of 2019 most businesses and...

Australian QR Codes

There are not many Australian QR Code generators  that are based in Australia. The majority are all based overseas however QR Codes Australia is a local product helping local Australian businesses develop static and dynamic QR Codes. QR Codes today are a game-changing...

New Static QR Code Generator

A Static QR Code is a non editable code that embeds the information in the actual code and hence cannot be changed. read on to get some helpfull; tips and tricks or use our FREE Static QR Code Generator here.What Are Static QR Codes Used for? Static QR Codes are great...

What is a QR Code

This article provided by Ashish Prajapati @Technical Updates and Product Launches QR codes are a well-known technology that is used worldwide to connect the physical world to the digital one. You probably know this already. But if you are hoping to find out more about...

QR Codes Australia

Australia has a 90% mobile phone penetration and QR Code usage has rapidly grown in the region simultaneously. (Simple, 2019) The COVID-19 pandemic has kickstarted the usage of QR Codes in top industry verticals – restaurants, retail, and even hotels. QR Codes were...

How to use the software

How to use the software

How to create a free QR Code

https://youtu.be/evdRhAfY01o In this video we look at a couple of free QR Code generators that will help you design your own QR Codes for your business or organisation or anything you like. What is a QR Code? How Does A QR Code Work? Basically, a QR code works in the...

We Can Laser Print On A Variety of Materials

The precision of laser engraving means that we can successfully engrave fine details on most materials with high resolution graphics. The best material to meet your requirements depends on environment it is to be used in (exterior or interior), type of environment...

Creating and Decorating QR Codes

We all know about QR codes. Some black and white boxes, containing encoded data. Boring, isn’t it? Let’s decorate and make your QR codes more stylish and customized! Here are the designs we offer in our dynamic QR Codes generator. Today, we will tell you how to make...

” Scanning Metrics

How many people scan your QR code. (Total number and unique scans)

Where people scan your QR code. (The geographic location)

When people scan your QR code. (Hour by hour, in real time)

How long individuals spend on your website after scanning your QR code.

Total number of website pages individuals view after scanning your QR code.

Types of devices and phones used to scan your QR code (i.e. Android, iPhone, Blackberry, etc.).

If the content behind your QR code is shared on social media websites like Facebook & Twitter.

QR Code Tracking

Our process is designed to make it easy for the business, retailer, Corporate, promotions or app developer to take advantage of this new marketing technique. You can create your own QR Codes, sell them to others or we will do it for you. We offer a complete service with 1 to 500 QR Codes per account.

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