Premium Red Label QR Code Tracking

Our Premium Red Label QR Code Tracking Service for Businesses and Agencies.

If your looking for a system that does not have any reference to us here at QR Codes Australia then we have set up a separate tracking service with no leaks to our business.

This means you can set up an account and sell QR Code tracking as if it was your own tracking service.

It still has all the great features of QR Codes Australia but without the reference to our business.

What is Provided

Trackable QR Codes

You can generate 500 QR Codes in different sizes, formats and colors

Realtime editing

You can edit your destination URL at any time. This is great if you have a time sensative offer which you can then change to send to a generic url at the end of the promotion.

Detailed Analytics

Realtime analytics reports. These include scans, location, unique scans, and landing page engagement reports such as time on site, pageviews, and bounce rate.

Multiple traffic tracking

Track traffic from other source such as Facebook, Twitter, SMS, email and NFC (Near Field Communication)

Non-trackable QR Codes

Generate static vCards,meCards,SMS QR Codes etc, and have them saved to your account.

Number of campaigns

Create up to 500 campaigns for your mobile website, Facebook page, or Smartphone Application(app).

Number of campaign groups

Organize your campaigns into groups. There are 20 groups provided.

Bulk code generation

Create many barcodes at once. Export them in bulk too. These include campaign barcodes, vCards/meCards, Event QR Codes and QR Codes for PURL campaigns.

Number of sub-users

Add users to your own account. Each user get’s their own private reports and logins .

Campaign Email Notification

Regular emails get sent to you with a snapshot of the reports as people scan your QR Code.

Export Files

Export your reports in CSV files.

Mobile Dashboard

View reports from your mobile device.

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