QR Code For My Business.

A QR Code for my business is like any other marketing material for your business needs to be planned and researched a little. Getting your web page url and creating a QR Code and then hoping people will scan it just doesn’t work unless you have a large captive audience.

What Is A QR Code?

A QR Code for my business marketing involves using Quick Response codes (QR codes) that mobile devices can scan and understand in an instant.

A QR Code for my business can be many things from a redirection service (Most Popular) to a contact card, WiFi Password, to just some plain text. You also have 2 types which are static and dynamic.

Your marketing strategy will determined the QR Code you will use and you are not limited to just one.

With a single scan of QR code using a camera app, smartphone users gain quick access to URLs, product brochures, mobile applications and related information without you needing to type out the required information.

What Do You Want To Achieve?

We produce thousands of QR Codes and can see what businesses are doing. Like any marketing you need an irresistible offer. Just sending people to your home page is not a good strategy. Of course you can do this as part of your strategy however it should be mixed with other marketing techniques.

By using a static QR Code, which is a one time code in that it cannot be updated or changed, you can link to your homepage and use the QR Code in media both off line and online. Static QR Codes are free and the URL or information is embedder directly into the QR Code.

This can cause the QR Code to become quite dense and hard to scan so for large information it is better to send the user to a online platform and then use a URL shorter to generate the QR Code.

QR code marketing benefits various industries. Common QR code uses appear in social media promotion, virtual shopping and non-contact product sale.

QR Code Ideas

  1. Product Information – This can include history, technical details, stories and mush more.
  2. Feedback collection – After purchase could include feedback form etc with a bonus for entering information
  3. Location finding – Links to maps for directions to your business, a conference, pickup information.
  4. Social Media visibility – they can be used to take your viewers to special content or link your social media from flyers etc.
  5. Customer acquisition – Generate QR codes for your special offers and discounts and facilitate your new customers to find you in seconds.
  6. Increased app downloads – one QR Code can link to both Android and IOS apps with one scan.
  7. Lead generation – You can create your QR code for providing free resources or a trial for products that leads to a contact form.
  8. SMS and email marketing –For SMS marketing, you can try the SMS QR code generator, which sends SMS to the linked number — scan QR code to text SUB to 2365 and avail of this 40 % discount.

Generating A QR Code For My Business.

Here at QR Codes Australia we provide a free Static QR Code Generator so you can make as many free QR Codes for your business as you like.

  1. Go to the free Static QR Code Generator
  2. Choose the style of your QR Code.
  3. Enter the require information
  4. Choose any colouring though I suggest you use a separate program for this.
  5. If you want to spice it up a bit choose different design options
  6. You can add in your logo
  7. Add a frame to tell your visitors where they are going.
  8. Use the options for size and precision. Medium is usually fine.
  9. Finally you can now save the QR Code for your Business and Download in one or all of three formats. PNG, SVG, PDF

Test and Download Your QR Code

Before you print your QR code on promotional materials, test it several times. Send it to friends, scan on different devices etc.

Once you’ve tested your A QR Code for my business​ your ready to add it to your marketing material.

If you intend to use QR codes on any digital platforms like a webpages, social media etc, download it in PNG  formats. If you going to use it in offline or traditional print formats then download the PDF or SVG files for your printer.

Do Static A QR Code For My Business Expire?

No, static QR codes do not expire. The only way a static QR code becomes no scannable is if something physically disrupts the pattern and alignment of the code itself. Information in a static QR code is hard-coded into the QR code’s matrix of black and white squares.

Using A Dynamic QR Code For My Business.

As I said before you are not limited to one style or one type of A QR Code for my business. We use a mixture of Static and Dynamic QR Codes for our business.

Static QR Codes are great for a single function however a Dynamic QR Code can be used for multiple functions however is only used for URLs which can then be changed while still using the same QR Code.

The information you’re trying to communicate isn’t encoded in the QR code itself, like a static QR code.

This is because the generator inserts a database link in the QR Code and then by using self managed software you can change the destination the database links to numerous times.

Dynamic QR Codes can be edited even after being printed. This means you can change both the function and content of a Dynamic QR Code at any time and as often as you would like.

The Database the allows for the collection of scan statistics—including the number of scans, the date, time, and general location of a scan, as well as what operating system was used. Below is an example of a Dynamic QR Code and how it will appear in your account.




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