Creating QR Codes for Real Estate Agents enables them to track and gather information of potential clients and also provide more information about the property saving time and resources.

There are a number of tactics that can be used with QR Codes for Real Estate Agents and we will look at some of them in this article to get your creative juices going.

Table of Contents

  1. Link to an Image Gallery
  2. Open House Registration
  3. Provide PDF of Property features
  4. QR Codes for residential and commercial properties.
  5. Link to Video Tours
  6. QR Code Link to Contact Information
  7. Stats and Analytics
  8. Create a highly engaging Ads

As you can see there is much more to marketing a property with QR Codes than just throwing one on a poster and if you use dynamic QR Codes you can change the information and track the results over time.

How To Use QR Codes for Real Estate Agents

A  QR Code stands for “Quick Response”. We are a local business based in Brisbane using Australian servers to deliver Static and Dynamic QR Codes.

They come in two types.

1. Free Static QR Code Generator which are free and non editable.

2. Dynamic QR Codes which the destination is editable and trackable and have a fee for the database..

QR Codes can link to a wide range of information and are being used by businesses all over the world as a Marketing tool, Product Information, Hospitality, Maintenance and much more.

QR Code Links to an Image Gallery

When you create your QR Code you have a number of options which we will look at in this article.

So where is you lead going to scan this QR code. Most likely it will be outside the property in some format so to get the prospective purchaser interested you can send them to a gallery of the properties features which can also include videos.

Obviously at this point you would want this to a be a branded site with your information readily available. This could be a Real-estate site like, you business website etc. By using Dynamic QR Codes you could change this over the term of the sale and see which one performs better.

Sending them to your site can be better in most trials, as real estate sites tend to cross promote etc and so you loose the lead. QR Codes for Real Estate Agents is great for either systems.

Open House Registration

This is a great way to gather contact details for further follow up which also utilises the assets you use for holding an open house. Print the QR Code on a flyer to give out and also to catch casual people looking at the property.

You can link to a simple form and we made hundreds of these for customers over the pandemic. Here is a quick post on how you can do it.

Provide PDF of Property features

Add a PDF link to your QR Code to provide your customers with a list of apartments or houses available that month. Once created, you can update the content of the PDF whenever there are changes in the availability without the need to create a new QR Code.

A simple document like this keeps your customers updated so they can check your latest offers whenever they like.

QR Codes for residential and commercial properties.

QR Codes for Real Estate Agents is not just limited to real estate agents selling houses as it can also be used by private sellers, Commercial real estate, Rentals and leases and so much more.

Commercial real estate firms are placing QR (quick response) codes, on buildings, allowing potential tenants or buyers to download a property brochure directly to their smart phone or tablet.

 According to Melissa Alexander, marketing director at Commercial Alliance Management, a Cushman & Wakefield Alliance office.

“They’re probably the next technology to hit the market,” she says. “You’ll probably begin to see more of these locally. They enhance our marketing efforts, creating an easy way to distribute fliers for our buildings.”

QR Codes for Real Estate Agents

Link to Video Tours

When paired with magazine-quality images, a floorplan and professional copywriting, a 360-degree Virtual Home Tour can be a powerful addition to your property marketing.

Linking to a QR Code makes them highly sort after by potential clients as they can see the whole property on their phone or tablets. Here is how you can make your own or hire one of the many companies now producing these. Here are some more videos for your research.

QR Code Link to Contact information

Another great way to use QR Codes is link them to contact information. This can be in two main formats.

Link to your contact page on your website so they can get your information or fill in a form to contact you.

Create a VCard (non dynamic) using a static QR Code so when scanned they can add your details to their contact list.

Stats and Analytics

If you use Dynamic QR Codes for Real Estate Agents then you can track and use stats to see who is scanning your QR Code and if you are sending them to your website add Google Analytics and use UTM url for even more analytics.

QR Codes for Real Estate Agents stats

Create a highly engaging Ads

Real estate agents still rely upon property flyers to promote real estate properties. With the rise in the digitization of advertising, they connected their offline marketing channels to their online ones using QR Codes.

They placed QR Codes on their property flyers. Customers could scan the QR Code and directly get in touch with the realtors regarding questions related to properties.

Unlike regular print material, adding QR codes to flyers helped their agency measure the efficiency of their printed material campaigns.

house advertising with QR Codes

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