We Can Use QR Codes For:

  • The back (or front and back) of your business card.
  • Your brochures and other marketing materials.
  • The sides of trucks and trailers.
  • Product tags and packaging.
  • Convention and event nametags.
  • Restaurant menus.
  • Event ticket stubs.
  • Point-of-sale receipts.

What are they used for:

QR codes can be coded with simple web links, but are best used for complex URLs and a lot of information.

They are most commonly used for promotional items such as movie trailers, promotional coupons, mp3 downloads, and even direct links to purchase goods.

How to use them:

QR codes are made available via free online generators. There, you can upload your information and design preferences to establish what your code will look like. You can even use graphics and change the colors of the code – as long as the pattern of boxes remains.

When displayed, the user must use a mobile device with a QR coder reader app. With an Internet connection, scanning the square allows the user to find out what mystery the 2D image will reveal.

QR codes are widely used, but haven’t become as popular in the states. Germany is using QR codes to inform travelers about bus or train routes. There’s even a company in Great Britain that is putting QR codes on its sushi, to let customers how fresh it is. In Korea, a grocery store opened a virtual store in a subway station, so travelers can shop while they wait. Products are purchased online and than delivered later that day.

How Australian Businesses Are Puting QR Codes To Work.

1. Marketing/Advertising

Okay so this is an obvious one, but QR codes can really be a powerful marketing tool if excecated correctly. You will need to consider your audience (who are they, the placement of the ad, what could they be doing when they come across your ad) as well as what you would like to achieve (should your code send them to a landing page, product page or promotional video?).

Bus stops, shopping centres, flyers. The only limit for placing QR codes is your imagination. Just remember the fails listed above before you rent that motorway billboard.

2. Digital Payments

Yes, that’s right. QR codes can help streamline your billing system. With the ability to generate a QR code containing billing details, your customers can simply scan a code on their invoice to complete a payment. No more logging into banking apps and entering details manually.

This can simplify your customer’s billing, keeping them happy and getting you paid quicker.

3. General Business/Office Operations

Let’s say your office printer runs on a specific type of ink. Ordering that ink online from manufactures can be a tedious task. Imagine having a QR code stuck to your printer that when scanned could take you directly to the online order and checkout with your details pre-loaded and ready to go.

Imagine no more. The future is here and accessible to all through-the-use of QR codes. The same principle can be implemented throughout your office to help boost productivity.

4. Location Tags

Place a QR code on your shopfront and link it back to your website or any other digital asset that can continue to sell your products even after you’ve clocked out and headed home.

Or, link the QR code on the bus stop ad to your restaurant location. Providing an easier way for your customers to come visit or book a table.

There are multiple ways you can utilise QR codes in conjunction with location tags to help your customers find you.

5. Quick Contact Details

Include a QR code on your business card or marketing collateral that links back to your contact information. You can even set codes to automatically load and save your contact details into a scanners phone, ready for them to contact you when they need you the most – perfect for all you tradies out there.

There are many more uses for QR codes, the above are some of the more popular trends starting to gain traction within Aussie businesses. These codes are hyperlinks and bookmarks for the real world. With more Australians operating smartphones than any other mobile device consider there’s never been a better time to utilise this tech to get your business in front of them.



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