A Static QR Code is a non editable code that embeds the information in the actual code and hence cannot be changed. read on to get some helpfull; tips and tricks or use our FREE Static QR Code Generator here.

What Are Static QR Codes Used for?

Static QR Codes are great for delivering information you have control over or that will not change.

  • One-time-use codes that needn’t be changed. If your linking to a web page on your website then the code is just a direction as you can change the content of the page at any time. It is also better viewed on a mobile and can contain code for analytics etc. It can also be used for limited time events, sales etc. If you have product info or similar content again you can change it at anytime.
  • Information that shouldn’t be changed. If your going to print the QR Code on any material and do not intent to change it in the future then this is perfect for a static QR Code. We use them for our brochures etc simply because we want the person scanning the code to come to our website. Real-estate Agents etc also will use static QR Codes as the house sales continually change so no real need for dynamic QR Codes all though many of our clients like recycling their codes.
  • Personal information. Personal information tends to be relatively simple and the medium the QR is presented isn’t revisited over and over. Think of an email signature or a paper resume. People aren’t typically re-reading your old emails or resumes. It’s also not necessary to track usage metrics on QR codes with personal information . That’s something dynamic QR codes can do and static QR codes cannot.

Do Static QR Codes Expire?

No, static QR codes do not expire. The only way a static QR code becomes non-scannable is if something physically disrupts the pattern and alignment of the code itself. Information in a static QR code is hard-coded into the QR code’s matrix of black and white squares. That’s all a static QR code can do. It can’t track scans or other usage metrics, so it wouldn’t know when to expire even if you wanted it to.

Tracking and statistics are best done by using landing pages etc with analytics which will provide a much more comprehensive set of data.

What content can you store in a Static QR Code

A Static QR Code can store the following content and most do not need tracking:

  • URL: Leads the user to a web page
  • Text: Display simple text such as message, promo code, or serial code
  • Contact Details: Displays contact information and allows users to save you as a contact
  • Wifi Credentials: Android devices can access Wifi network. iOS devices can view network name and password
  • Maps location: Shows location on Google Maps
  • Calendar Event: Prompts user to save an event (with details) to their phone calendar
  • Phone number: Prompts user to dial the number
  • Email Address: Open mail application with your email in the recipient field
  • Bitcoin Address: Displays your Bitcoin wallet address
  • PayPal Payment: Redirects to a PayPal page that prompts the user to send you a payment
  • And Some More…

You can either encode content directly, or link Static QR Codes to a webpage.

Where can you use Static QR Codes

From product to promotional campaigns— Static QR Code can be used everywhere. You can use QR Codes in the following use cases:

a. Inventory Management

You can create Static QR Code to manage your inventory efficiently. You can create and paste the QR Code on every product.

b. Product Packaging

You can create a Static QR Code to provide detailed information about your product. For example, if you are a food and beverage company, you can use Static QR Code to provide information about  ingredients, preparation etc. Similar to retail products requiring user manuals etc.

c. Product Catalogue

You can use Static QR Code in your product catalogue to provide more information or interesting facts. This way you can engage your customers better. Before covid this was their main use to take readers of traditional media to digital media.

d. Event Management

You can use Static QR Code to manage your events better. For example, if its a large scale event, you can put the QR Code on various spots containing the event schedule. There are also additional programs you can use for seating etc.

You can also create QR Code based delegate cards. And store the delegate’s contact details. This will be in networking better— exhibitors/delegates can efficiently network with the attendees.

2. For Business and Marketing

Here is how you can use Static QR Code for your business:

a. For your business Card

You can create VCard Static QR Code and encode your contact details. Upon scanning, the end users will directly be able to save you as a contact in their phonebook. That is, all the manual work in saving a contact will be eliminated.

This will help you build your network more efficiently

b. For your employee identity card

You can create Static QR Codes in bulk for your employees. Similar to QR Code based business card, you can store contact details (such as name, employee code, designation).

Upon scanning via a smartphone, the details of the respective employee will appear. This will ensure authentic entries in your workspace.

Besides, you can also use Static QR Codes on a gift card, in games and entertainment (Scavenger Hunt), and a number of other areas.

Decoration and Branding

Many of the newer Static QR Code Generators allow for a wide range of decoration from style to colours to logos and add on decoration. Obviously the more variation you have the greater the scan failure rate increases. This one will take you to our generator or click as I have also linked it.



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