One QR Code for all app links allows lots of people who are developing apps to make the download process a lot easier.  There are multiple ways to market them however if you have developed your app to be used on different platforms then the marketing gets a little more difficult.

Did you know one QR Code can link your app in various app stores such as Apple iPhone and iPad Google Blackberry, Nokia and Microsoft so when someone scans it the QR Code will pick the device and take them to the right app store.

I made this one for the Esty app so your can try it for your self.

etsy QR Code for App

So by scanning the app you are taken to the correct place in the app store for your device and then download and install. It also makes it super easy to share.

To do it, you will definitely follow some basic best practices. For example—having a simple app name, using an attractive icon, and ensuring good ASO (App Store Optimization).

The Power of Print

The benefit of using a QR Code is that you can now promote your app via print promotions. Why print?

Using print means that it is sitting around for a lot longer than on a screen. It can be printed in newspapers, magazines, brochures and all kinds of media. You can use the same one for your digital promotions as well.

You do not come across as many print ads every day. And it is a fact that print media has a longer attention span than that of digital media.

With an App Store QR Code, you just need to print a single QR Code on your print media promotions and add an appropriate CTA such as—Scan here to download the app now!


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