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Please Note: Dynamic QR Codes only work with URLs because we can track and alter them. All other QR Codes will be created as static non trackable QR Codes.

This premium QR Codes application will enable you to create your own dynamic QR codes campaigns, and track them from your own server and website address.

The premium QR Codes program supports campaigns for smartphone app downloads in app stores, and mobile websites .

Each campaign (One QR Code) on the program is tracked, and gives reports that include real time scans, unique scans, GPS Country location, device types, and type of media used. You can add more tracking info using a Google UTM traking extension.

The premium QR Codes plans are for the number of QR Codes in the plan. Eg:  5 QRC Mth is 5 QR Codes for the length of subscription not 5 QR NEW Codes each month.

The premium QR Codes program comes with user accounts, each with its own login credentials. You can also add sub users from 5 QR Package and above.

QR codes generated can be downloaded in vector formats such as pdf, eps, and svg also png.

See Video Below For More Information on how the system works and pricing structure.

Prices are in Australian Dollars and include gst.


See Pricing and Plans Here to Signup

How to signup for a Dynamic Premium QR Codes Account.

If you use Paypal and use a different email to your signup please advise as we will have to add you manually. We usually pick it up however if you do not see it live within 24 hrs let us know.  This is the link to signup

Premium QR Codes Brochure

QR Codes Australia Brochure

We have produced an A4 brochure you can download and print for meeting etc.

The A4 Brochure can be downloaded PDF here and is only 700KB

This is a great resource for showing your team what is happening and also to keep in your filing system for later reference.

This new way of providing a brochure of our business should help in your decision making and also allows you to research our product with no obligation. You can then go through our site to get more detailed information or give us a call.

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