Hi. My name is Quentin Brown and the owner of QR Codes Australia and thought I would Take a few minutes to show you some QR Code Business Examples. Since the recent rise in QR Codes around the the world businesses and other organisations have started to use QR Codes for all types of Business ideas.

I have scrolled through some of our many customers to find out how they are using the codes so I can give you some real world QR Code Business Examples

Table Of Contents for QR Code Business Examples

  1. QR Codes for Room identification
  2. QR Codes for Products Information
  3. QR Codes for Councils
  4. QR Codes for Product Guides
  5. QR Codes for Local Community Projects
  6. QR Codes for Art & Craft Trail Booklet
  7. QR Codes for Meeting & Training Rooms
  8. QR Codes for The Gym
  9. QR Codes for Business Stands
  10. QR Codes for Software Demos
  11. Summary
  12. And So Much More …………

QR Codes for Room identification

Over the last few months we have done a couple of large projects for room identification in Tafe and colleges.

This allows the institution to remove all the paper and information stuck all all over the entrance and walls.

How we do it is create a simple micro website for each room and add all the relevant information, security, timetables, asset usage, room layout etc

“As for how I have found your service, it’s been excellent!  You have accommodated all our requests in a timely manner and the QR code system that you have developed is a great solution.”  BoxHill Tafe

Contact us for a live demonstration

QR Code Business Examples

QR Codes for Products Information

In our QR Code Business Examples there are hundreds if not thousands of product uses for your QR Code. They can range from product specifications to ingredients, history to discount coupons.

We have customers who have linked to eBooks, video walk throughs to documents and everything in between.

Your QR Code Business Examples for this one is a link to a learning program of how to paint the ocean.

QR Codes for Councils

Councils are starting to use QR Codes in all sorts of different areas.

Strategic asset manager Ben Creighton said Wagga council will trial QR codes on signs in the coming weeks for a period of about six months, saying thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, the codes have emerged as a cost-effective way of providing accessible information.

Wodonga Mayor Cr Kev Poulton is encouraging the community to support local with the latest initiative funded by the grant from Victorian Government’s outdoor dinning program.

The council has rolled out QR codes accompanied by a marketing campaign that takes people to a map showing nearby cafes and restaurants. The QR codes can be found on public chairs and tables in precincts across the city.

Bright posters and bollards in these areas promote the QR code use.

QR Codes for Product Guides

We have already talked about QR Code Business Examples for products labelling and information however they can also be used for complete manuals and technical information and product guides. This QR Code links to Absen Product Guides where you can download a bunch of PDF files relating to their exhibition LED displays.

QR Codes for Local Community Projects

This is a community-initiated local community project to develop a vision for the future of the Montague Road precinct. It is a relatively new QR Code Business Examples and is becoming very popular QR Code used in development applications as well.

QR Codes for Art & Craft Trail Booklet

This QR Code Business Examples introduces you to a whole range of activities in the the Alpine Shire in Victoria’s High country. They not only provide lots of great information but also pdf versions you can download. A really goo use of QR Codes for tourism etc.

Some other attractions link directly to a pdf booklet and some to a flip booklet which is probably not quite as good on a mobile phone.

QR Codes for Meeting & Training Rooms

Many of our customers use the Dynamic QR Codes to link to forms and registrations for meetings and training events etc.

Similar to the TAFE rooms above these can include directions, material for the meeting, special offers, downloads for after the meetings etc.

The beauty of the Dynamic QR Code is just one cade can be used for it all. Just change the URL and edit and it goes live right away.

Display QR codes in areas where you need basic feedback. This might be as people are leaving a speaker session, or it could be to rate the quality of the coffee, or even the cleanliness of a bathroom!

QR Codes for The Gym

As I was looking through all our customers for QR Code Business Examples I noticed quite a few Gyms had signed up and created numerous QR Codes for their Gym. They create flyers that link to the various activities on their website.

About Holiday Fun, Competitive Tumbling, Men’s Artistic Gymnastics, Women’s Artistic Gymnastics, Fees and Timetables, Birthday Parties, Queenwood Gymnastics Program, Wenona Gymnastics, Specialty Programs, Inclusion Program, Adult Fitter For Life, Freestyle Program, GFA Competitive Program, Recreation Program

QR Codes for Business Stands

With lots of businesses now returning to expos and business stands but still wanting to keep Covid safe they have adopted the QR Code on Business stands to link to their main website, promotions and offerings or a video promotion.

These stands or banners can then also be used in the front of office for waiting customers and because you used a dynamic QR Code you can now change them to a different message. The best advantage is you can see how many people are scanning it.

These stands can be anything from Business expo roll up stands to table stands and more.

QR Codes for Software Demos

You can produce two types of QR Codes in our Dynamic Tracking software and they can link to anything online or your app software.

By adding the two main links for Apple or Android software and apps in the QR Code software it means that when they scan with either phone they are taken to the appropriate app store.

If you selling other software for phones etc then you can take them to a demo of the software with a scan as well.

Summary QR Code Business Examples

So that’s a quick over view of some of the uses for QR Codes that our current customer base is using. Obviously there are literally thousands more which I could not cover.

If you would like to discuss your ideas or need some help please feel free to contact us at any time.

And So Much More

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