QR code Marketing isn’t a standalone event. They’re part of a digital marketing strategy that moves customers from the physical to the digital and from the real world to your website or your offers and programs. You can actually change the destination from YouTube to website to Facebook using dynamic QR Codes

There also has to be an incentive for them to scan it. The more difficult it is to scan a code, the stronger your incentive has to be. So if your code is on a billboard on a freeway the passenger will have a very limited time to scan as opposed to one on the back of your envelope or on an invoice. Qr Code Marketing is all about placement.

With more and more businesses using QR Codes then you need a great offer and this needs to be around the QR Code so people know what they are getting. It also needs to be where your potential clients are.

How To Use QR Code Marketing

  1. At a conference or meetup
  2. On Stationary
  3. Trains Planes and Automobiles
  4. Personalized direct mail piece
  5. On products with additional information
  6. On equipment and tools
  7. Payment for sales etc
  8. In various hospitality assets

Reading something only invokes 10% memory retention whereas watching videos helps viewers retain 95% of the core message. That is why businesses should employ video QR Codes to show off the features of a product or display an advertisement to garner a shopper’s attention. Even better is to rotate your information by using dynamic QR Codes.

So many businesses simply add a QR Code to a asset like a brochure or product when marketing. This is a waste of real estate unless you are getting high exposure. So lets look atr different ways you can maximise your QR Code Marketing.

QR Code Marketing at a conference or meetup

All of us go to meetings and seminars so what a great place to use a QR Code to promote your business. Create an irresistible offer and print it on cards as opposed to Business cards. Add the off to the bottom of the card. Use a UTM analytic code to get some stats from your QR Code marketing or use a Dynamic QR Code.

QR Code Marketing Special Offer

QR Code Marketing On Stationary

Why just restrict your QR Code Marketing to one medium. Adding a QR Code to invoices, envelopes and other stationary is a great way to generate new leads.

Obviously QR Codes are my business however a QR Code on the bottom of the page so you are not removing your logo would be ideal.


Trains Planes and Automobiles

I had to use this one as its a classic saying however it is about getting to people where they are and have time to scan.

This is much more for larger companies as it can be expensive to advertise in these places however by adding analytics you can get a good feel if they are working.

If you a smaller company like ours then Automobiles can be the answer. I have one on my rear window and it brings in some interesting clients.


Personalized direct mail piece

This is probably one of the most popular ways of marketing using QR Codes however having looked at many brochures and posters for customers. I am always amazed that most just stick it on in a bottom corner with no info about it. Probably because its cheap to implement but can be a powerful tool for marketing any business.

An irritable offer with a short explanation and then the QR Code. Allow a little more space to really use the power of QR Codes.

QR Code Marketing brochures

On products with additional information

Many of us create products and QR Codes are great for expanding customer involvement by directing them to additional information depending on your particular industry.

The QR code can share nutritional facts, reviews, or even some sort of video or backstory about you or your product. Keep in mind that this content can be changed at any time with Dynamic QR Codes. This way, you can keep using the same package design but still have fresh new content.

qr codes for products tomatoes

On equipment and tools

Using QR Codes on tools, machinery etc. This can be both for marketing and compliance purposes.

QR Code inventory tags are a key part of the asset management system’s ability to track equipment and relay information to users. QR Code inventory tags can be easily and securely attached to products, equipment, or any type of asset you need to keep your eye on or sell.

qr code machinery taging

Payment for sales etc

QR Code Marketing is a useful way to allow people to pay directly for products and services.

A QR code payment works exactly the same way as a ‘normal’ QR code, except when a user scans the code, it brings them to a web payment form. It essentially functions like a POS terminal – customers scan a code with their smartphones and complete the payment on the spot.

This is great for any retail, wholesale , markets etc

qr code marketing payments

In various hospitality assets

Previously there was a mass of printed material used as handouts for guests in the lobby, at check-in and in guest rooms.

Given the reluctance of guests to handle these items and the technology available to us today, most of this can now be shared through the use of QR codes and the guests’ personal phones and/or tablets.

It is surprisingly simple to create QR codes, link them to PDF documents, Websites, videos etc. and share the information with the guests.

Its not just brochures but TV advice, menus, places of interest and so much more and by using Dynamic QR Codes you can actually track if people are using them.

qr code marketing hospitality


As you can see by the few options above there are many ways to market your business or organisation with QR Codes. If you need any help please feel free to contact us or visit our website above.



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