Form a technical and QR Code Security point of view, it is impossible to change the contents of a QR code after it was printed. The data is stored directly in the QR code graphic (hence QR codes are also getting larger and form a more complex pattern if there is more data to store). And because a printed graphic itself can’t be changed as other printed image or text.

Are QR Codes secure?

The short answer is yes, QR Codes are secure. Static and Dynamic QR Codes are machine-readable and the content inside them cannot be changed once generated. The content inside a Dynamic QR Code, however, can be changed, but you would need access to the user account that created them in the first place.

Can QR Codes be hacked?

The actual QR Codes themselves can’t be hacked. This is because they are built using a square matrix with pixelated dots so these dots would have to be changed in order to be “hacked.” QR Code technology is not a security risk alone. The security issues arise from the information connected to the QR Code and this has to be done at creation. All malicious QR Codes were made that way and not hacked.

Hacking a QR code means manipulation of the action without modifying the QR code. This is not possible. QR codes can be malicious and can trigger malicious action. But that QR code will not be the same as the legitimate QR code. Two QR codes with different actions will never be the same. You will certainly see different patterns in both QR codes. So, QR codes cannot be hacked.

QR Code Security

Potential QR Code Security issues

There are some associated security risks with scanning QR Codes if they don’t come from a trusted sender. There are three types of security risks related to QR Codes, but keep in mind that these security risks have nothing to do with the technology of QR Codes themselves.

Lifespan of QR Code Security

This is a question about QR code people generally ask. Once a QR code is generated, it can be used anytime, anywhere. The lifespan of the QR codes is unlimited, so you do not need to worry about lifespan. Generate and then use. Dynamic QR Codes on the other hand are a service so have a lifespan related to the subscription service.

What personal information does QR Code tracking collect?

The purpose of QR Code tracking is so that marketers can better optimize marketing campaigns. This is mainly associated with Dynamic QR Codes. If you’re curious about what types of information QR Code tracking collects with the QR Code generator software, it encompasses three points: location, time, and operating system of the device used to make the scan. No personally identifiable information is collected and this data is only visible privately by the user who created the Codes.


Dynamic QR Code tracking gathers user data for country locations. This does not include specific locations within a city. By using An analytics program you can get this down to city.

Time and number of scans

Total scans, unique scans, and how many scans occur over a certain time period are also tracked with QR Code Generator software.

Operating system

The operating system of the device used is also provided in the QR Code tracking details, but there is no further information about the user.

Best way to check is a QR Code Security Plugin.

Kaspersky Scanner – One quick scan is all it takes to check for QR code security – for a text, image or website link – is safe for you to use. Instantly checks the scanned link is safe. Warns you if dangers lie behind a QR code. ios and Android apps available.

Trend Micro QR Code Security Scanner –

Trend Micro QR Code Security Scanner benefits:

  • Scans all QR codes easily, quickly, and safely.
  • Displays previews of the URLs generated by scanned QR codes.
  • Dangerous apps or websites are blocked and reported instantly.
  • NO ADS, or 3rd-party advertiser-sponsored content.
  • Scan QR codes using your phone’s live camera or from your saved images.
  • It’s 100% free.

Download Trend Micro QR Scanner  for Android now! For iOS users, please try Trend Micro Mobile Security for its Secure QR Code Scanner.


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