How to use QR Codes For Business in Australia

In today’s post we are going to talk more about how QR codes function and how they compare to their counterpart, the barcode.

Since the pandemic hit back in 2020, populations all over the world have been scanning these little black boxes to register themselves for contactless sign in. They have also been utilised in lots of other industries like hospitality, product information, payment gateway and many more.

As a business, you must understand the difference between static and dynamic QR codes. Simply put, a dynamic QR code can be edited and shared easily. Static QR codes, on the other hand, cannot be changed.

Lets break it down a bit further. Most businesses will want to add a URL to a qr code to send the scanner to a webpage be it their own website, social media, YouTube , product info etc.

With a static QR Code you can only do this once as the URL is embedder in the QR Code so it cannot be changed. Example:

With a dynamic QR Code we embed a database url in the qr code and you can then use our interface to change that data base as many times as you want. Example:

Both go to the same website but I can change the destination of this one because it changes to database and not the link.


Why would a business ever choose a static QR code?

If you’re planning a seasonal/one-time menu, you can create a static QR code for it. Static codes also work well for marketing campaigns and PR events. Static QR codes can also be used for one-time offers to increase the sale of your products.

The QR code is just another, more sophisticated version of the barcode. We see barcodes everywhere, they a universal standard for product identification on just about every consumer product found globally nowadays.

Business Uses

What makes using QR codes a good idea for business owners is the amount of data that can be store inside them. While the standard bar code can only store a fixed amount of numbers, the QR code can store much more, including things like a hidden sales message for example.

With the advent of high definition cameras available in most smart phones these days it’s possible for consumers to decode anything stored inside a QR code straight from their phones camera app. If you have an older or cheaper phone you only need to have a special program (app) that quickly decodes QR code in order unlock it’s secret message. Lots of the ant virus software companies provide these free.

With the amount of the data that can potentially be stored in a QR code, allows business owners to put special announcements, promotions, discounts, coupons and more inside them for consumers to find. Once they have correctly decoded what the message says, they can be enticed to take full advantage of the special offer.

In business, you probably need a barcode in order to keep track of your inventory. The barcode has been the staple form of inventory control  and management since the rapid computerization of the stocks and inventory control of companies.

You actually do not need to change your system in order make use of the QR Codes since the use of the QR code or even its standardization has not been fully realized nor implemented yet.

As of now, only specialized companies make use of the QR code to its fullest capabilities. But that does not mean it has no use today outside of these specialized companies.

How to use QR Codes for Business today

For one thing, since people know what a QR code is and most of these have smart phones, you can put special messages in these codes that can be read and decoded by your smartphone, with the necessary program that is installed and running.

You can actually place these messages in your company website and when people visit you, they will see the QR code right beside the product, if you have a announce special promos for certain products.

You then instruct your customers that in order to avail of those products, they need to scan that QR code that they see on the product and see if it has a special promo or if there are requirements for availing of those promos.

QR Codes For Prizes

You can even put prizes in QR Codes that the customers can scan into their cell phones. You can an alternative form of raffling in that prizes are placed in QR codes that certain products that qualify for the raffle.

You have the choice of either putting a cover on those QR codes so that the customer can see if they have won, or making those QR codes a form of electronic raffle ticket that will be used in the raffle draws.

Integration of QR Codes

There are so many ways to integrate the use of a QR code in a typical business that not necessarily have to do with inventory control.

Because of the amount of data that you can store in a typical QR code, there literally limitless number of ways that you can integrate the use of a qr code into your business.

The examples of using these QR codes as a coded message is only one of these examples. You can even post a very big QR code outside your office and let the customers ask what is it all about. This by itself will arouse interest in what it is, how does it work, what does it say, etc.

The only thing that will limit what you can do with QR Codes will be your imagination. It does not mean that it started out as a very smart form of inventory control system that it has to stay in inventory control systems, using it properly, and in creative ways can enhance your business and your profits.

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