QR Codes For Education

Table Of Contents

  1. What are QR Codes For Education?
  2. What is the difference between static and dynamic QR Codes for Education?
  3. What Are The Benefits of QR Codes For Educators?
  4. How to best use Static QR Codes In The Classroom
  5. How to best use Static QR Codes In The Classroom
  6. How to Maximise use of Dynamic QR Codes for Education
  7. How to Get Dynamic QR Codes For Free
  8. Summary 

QR Codes for Education allow teachers to make learning fun and provide a way to share information uniquely. They also create a more creative and memorable learning environment for students and lead to increased engagement. 

QR Codes also enable schools to send information to parents easily. As a result, they are fast becoming an innovative teaching method in Australian classrooms with many positive benefits. Watch this video that discusses the magic of QR codes in the classroom. It may inspire you and give you some ideas for using QR Codes for Education in your own classroom.

What Are QR Codes For Education?

QR codes for education are a tool that can interactively teach students. A QR code is a 2-dimensional barcode that any device can scan with a camera. The app will then decode the QR code, leading them to an online video, audio file, or website URL. 

They allow teachers to engage students in ways they couldn’t before. QR Codes also make it easy for visually impaired or hard-of-hearing students to access the content of their lessons without assistance.

What Is The Difference Between Static And Dynamic QR Codes For Education?

Our local Brisbane-based business uses Australian servers to deliver QR codes Australia-wide.

QR Codes come in two different types – Static and Dynamic QR Codes. 

We can provide both types of QR Codes For Education:

  • Static QR Code Generator (FREE) – this type of QR code is free. Although it is somewhat restrictive, you can’t modify a Static QR code after you create it.
  • Dynamic QR Codes – allow you complete control to edit and track the destination of the QR code. They offer more features than a Static QR code and have a fee to use the database.

QR Codes for Education allows teachers to teach interactively and link to various learning resources and information, including an online video, image, audio file, or website URL. QR Codes are popular in classrooms and education facilities around the world.

What Are The Benefits of QR Codes For Educators?

Educators can use QR Codes to create unique learning experiences for their students. They can help students engage in more independent learning and encourage them to explore the world around them. 

QR codes can also be used for unique student identification, tracking classroom attendance, distributing curriculum to students, creating interactive games and scavenger hunts, and creating reading lists and recommendations in libraries. 

As you can see, the list is endless. 

Do you have any other ideas for how you can use QR codes in your classroom? 

QR Codes For Education

How to best use Static QR Codes In The Classroom

Static QR codes are helpful for the classroom environment because they do not need to be updated frequently. They can be printed on worksheets or other teaching materials. Although, they are limited to providing students with the same information every time they scan it.

How to Maximise use of Dynamic QR Codes for Education

The use of dynamic QR codes for education is a new phenomenon. 

Dynamic QR codes are the future of education because they allow students instant access to their course material and other resources they need for their studies. The destination of the QR code can also be updated as required.

How to Get Dynamic QR Codes For Free

We can offer Dynamic QR Codes for Education in Australia on a customised platform. Doing so allows you to sell QR codes to other education providers or subject tutors. 

After purchasing QR Codes for Education, you can assign them to sub-users. Then, they can log in and manage the QR Codes themselves. All you need to do is charge them a fee.

For example, you could purchase a package of 50 dynamic QR codes and sell 45 of them. You will then have made your money back and a profit. You’ll also have five free dynamic QR codes for your business.

Also, you retain complete control of all the codes. Now that’s a win-win situation.


Hope you enjoyed this short overview of how to use QR Codes for Education. 

With many industries taking advantage of the benefits of QR Codes every day, there has never been a better time to invest in QR codes and bring an innovative way of teaching into your classroom today.  

Contact us to day for any more information regarding QR Codes For Education, Resources or Bulk QR Code Creation. We can also do QR Code Room identification for all education campuses and much more.


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