Since the uptake of QR Codes for Covid many industries and organisations have realised the ease of using QR Codes especially QR Codes for Local Councils. This can be for DAs, libraries, parks and public places, marketing and advertising and so many more applications.

In recent months we have developed systems for Tafe rooms providing student and management information via QR Codes. We have just finished DA QR Codes for Local Councils and builders.

QR Codes for Local Councils Table of Contents

  1. What Are QR Codes
  2. How can councils use QR Codes
  3. What are QR Codes in Bulk
  4. Can QR codes be interactive
  5. How to use QR Codes for Tourism
  6. How to Educate with QR Codes
  7. What do QR Codes for Local Councils cost
  8. Summary QR Codes for Local Councils

What Are QR Codes?

A  QR Code stands for “Quick Response”. We are a local business based in Brisbane using Australian servers to deliver Static and Dynamic QR Codes to private, councils and Govt departments around Australia.

They are a cheap and efficient way to implement the moving of people from traditional to digital information via a smartphone or tablet especially in the field. In the QR Codes for Local Councils we will explore many of the different applications.

They come in two types.

1. Free Static QR Code Generator which are free and non editable.

2. Dynamic QR Codes which the destination is editable and trackable and have a fee for the database..

QR Codes can link to a wide range of information and are being used by businesses all over the world as a Marketing tool, Product Information, Hospitality, Maintenance and much more.

To order your Dynamic QR Code go to our online Dynamic QR Codes or Free Static QR Codes
Watch our videos
on using dynamic QR Codes and decoration for all codes.

How can councils use QR Codes?

Councils and government can and have used QR Codes in many different and unique ways.

“With a recent increased use of QR codes, people are quite familiar with them and it is one way [we] can create a central database that would allow all the different names of the sports fields and parks to be in the one location,” he said. “It is probably a cost effective and relatively easy way for us to provide that recognition in one place.” Wagga City Council

Some of the ways QR Codes for Local Councils can be used is by digitising any information that can be accessed via the internet usually through a webpage.

Some of the ways QR codes can enhance local governments and their services.

    • Electronic registration/check-in
    • Share public information easily.
    • Conducting job fairs online
    • Educate the public with video presentations
    • QR codes in meetings, conferences, and presentations
    • Share/ highlight important upcoming events
    • Creating a bulk vCard QR code for employees
    • Collect or ask for public feedback
    • QR integration in inventory system and asset tracking for government agencies

Digital government services or e-government involve the use of information and digital technology such as QR codes to facilitate better and quicker communication between the government and its citizens.

Digital transformation of the public service is getting prioritized by governments worldwide.

The digital paradigm shift is slowly being adopted across the global governments and is happening on all levels: international, national, regional, and even local.

What are QR Codes in Bulk

Creating bulk QR Codes is the process of generating a range QR Codes in one go using a CSV file. By creating Bulk QR Codes you save time and effort from having to create them individually and manually.

We have three systems to create bulk QR Codes:

  1. Static Bulk QR Codes – this is our bulk QR Code creation service and you provide the CSV file with all the URLs and we can create all the static QR Codes for you at a size of your choosing and format usually EPS, JPG, Vector, PNG.
  2. Self Managed Dynamic QR Codes use our bulk QR Code Generator and allows you to do yourself and fully self managed.
  3. Personalised Bulk Dynamic QR Codes – We create all the bulk QR Codes for you.

Can QR codes be interactive

Its important to note that a QR Code is a little like a URL shortner as it redirects to a website of information. It contains very little information itself.

Because you can link to videos, tutorials or pretty well any information on the internet as long as it is mobile friendly.

By scanning a simple QR code, consumers can be transported to an augmented reality experience. From product packaging to OOH advertisements to web pages, you can launch an interactive marketing campaign that takes your brand to the next level.

3D Animated Butterfly Experience provided by Air Cards
Something as simple as butterflies can completely engage your customers. The card in this example releases butterflies as if it’s a cocoon. It’s an intriguing metamorphosis from traditional print marketing, don’t you think?

How to use QR Codes for Tourism

This probably one of the more interesting ways to use QR Code.

QR codes are a great way to promote tourism in any industry including councils and local government. This is because you can link to a wide range of interesting information, provide links to other destination including places to eat etc.

Since dynamic QR codes are changeable as tourism changes daily, it is convenient to place them in any scannable location to educate people with augmented reality (AR experiences) and other virtual information easily stored in mobile phones.

Moreover, smartphones can translate most materials nowadays making it more comfortable for foreigners to receive information who do not understand the local language.


How to Educate with for Local Councils

Local government issues are complicated and can be complex to convey to citizens.

By using QR Codes local government and councils can provide information and videos to help people navigate through these complexities.

We have seen them use QR Codes for check-ins during Covid however there is so much more. Here is one for the WA Govt.

What do QR Codes for Local Councils cost

So now for the crunch. Static QR Codes are free however if you have link URL they can become quite dense (lots of squares very close together) and very hard to scan if produced to small. You can then use a bitly or any other QR Code Shortner to solve this problem.

A dynamic QR Code embeds a data base URL which is usually very small so the QR Code is a lot easier to read and reduce ion size. For most dynamic QR Code the price per code is less than a $1 per code and can get down very low depending on quantity. Just remember it is an ongoing fee. Contact us for more information and we can arrange a Zoom call or any other format.


Residents can feel lost sometimes between different offices and procedures, without proper directions.

Make sure they are fully informed with by providing a PDF explaining all the documents they require and all the rules they’ll need to follow.

You can also use an MP3 file or video if you think people would be more receptive to listening or watching the information.

Many different types of files can be used in the Download File QR Code, as long as the files are a maximum size of 10 MB. If you need to change or update the file, simply upload a new one with the same name and address. The code stays the same.

If you want to read more information on QR Codes please see the following.


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