QR Codes For Room Identification – While QR Codes are used mostly for marketing and as we all know for check-ins they can also be used for a lot more interesting and useful projects.

One of these is the categorising and managements of rooms in schools, universities and any business or education campus where room information is important. Many times the entrances are covered with brochures and paper work.

The beauty of using a QR Code is much of the information, room layout, technology usage etc can all be supplied by scanning the QR Code.

How we do it is to create a webpage for each room and then add all the information for Maintenance, Teachers and Students  to access on a phone or tablet with all secure information requiring sign in. Contact us for a walk through.

QR Codes For Room Identification

Table of Contents – QR Codes For Room Identification

  1. Why Use QR Codes for Identification
  2. What information to use
  3. How to Setup Room Identification
  4. How to update Information
  5. How to incorporate private information
  6. How to print and secure QR Code information
  7. What alternative Uses for QR Codes
  8. Conclusion

We have done a few of these over the last few months mainly for Govt and councils however works for any business as well.

Why Use QR Codes for Room Identification?

The majority of us use mobile phones or tablets so to be able to get the latest timetable, room layout or technology help via scanning a QR Code can save a lot of time and be more helpful. They can also be used to track people using the room both as clients and maintenance.

They can be used for the very beginning of construction through to end use. Lots of our customers have used them for room identification and cleaning rosters etc to check all parts of the room were maintained properly. This is especially good if you rent out the room for training, in hotels etc.

Education and training facilities can also find them useful allowing them to remove a lot of paper and stickers from the entrance to a room or lecture hall providing a cleaner and more controllable environment.


What information to use for QR Codes for Room Identification

So you can understand what can be included remember that people will be viewing this on their mobile or tablet so firstly it needs to be responsive so it can viewed on either device.

The actual information may differ depending on the industry however basically the information needs to apply to the people who use and manage the room.

In a recent project for a TAFE we were able to provide the basic details of the room in the top section and then all the admin and directions in the bottom of the page. We do all this with a CSV file and global templates which allow instant changes at any time and can be maintained by us or your staff. If you want to see it at work in a live situation contact us here.

How to Setup Room Identification?

We create individual pages on a website on a designated domain for each room. This website is not crawled by google etc. We use a WordPress site and a premium theme. We host the files locally on a secure server in Victoria.

We can include both specific information and general info to cover a whole range of users when creating QR Codes for Room Identification.

. So the top of the page is room identification and main use then layout, links for emergency and room layout, and possibly links to timetables etc. These can be linked back to the main website with login credentials.

The second level we use tabs to provide marketing, technology and information that is specific to all rooms and possibly separated by campus for larger organisations.

Once the the room web pages are created we create the individual QR Codes for Room Identification that can then be printed and attached to the room. some have a logo embedded and use laser printing on metal or plastics.

How to update Information?

We use a special theme to create each room. The top section which is all specific information can be updated separately or through a CSV file. This means you can do multiple changes very quickly and simply programmed to update immediately or at a set time.

You don’t have to change the QR Codes for Room Identification as it is pointing to a webpage so you can simply change the page only. You can use another system to get some stats for the room as well like number of clicks on the code.

How to incorporate private information?

Because we are using a webpage we can also use logins for private information. We mainly do this through your main website however we can add it your room website if required. For example students may login to see timetables, cleaners can login to register cleaning or maintenance etc.

Private information maybe things like teacher logins, student logins. We can also make pages private requiring a password to view the information.

How to print and secure QR Code information

Once the QR Codes are created they can be printed in a number of formats. We prefer to have them laser printed with the organisation information beside it. The QR Codes can be as small as 1.5 cm however bigger means better scanning.

For complete security a glass or Perspex case can also be used. Because it is not on the main Internet the chance of other interference is small.

What alternative Uses for QR Codes

Once you set up an account you can use your QR Codes for a lot of different applications. Because we use mainly static codes for these type of projects we can also use them for adding to equipment, machinery etc for asset control, How to use scenario and much more.


So as you can see QR Codes for Room Identification can be used in a range of places in large buildings, campuses and anywhere there are multiple rooms or stations.

They can link to all sorts of information or even just contain the information such as text etc.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions re this type of project or a free demonstration of QR Codes for Room Identification .


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