Since QR Codes have become so popular with everyone knowing how to scan them it is an obvious progression to see them being used for more specialised purposes.

Smartphone technology is breathing new life into memorials for departed loved ones.

QR codes, those little black-and-white grids that can speak to the phones, are adding a new dimension to grave markers, linking to websites brimming with all of the information a family would want in a memorial.

“I think it’s great technology,” said Jim Busch, who runs Cleveland area’s Busch Funeral and Crematory Services with his brother, Mark. “You’re walking through a cemetery, put your smartphone up to the code and you’re instantly linked to a living memorial. It’s a lot better than just seeing the words ‘Loving Husband.’ “

QR Codes at Cemeteries and Grave Stones

One of these is on grave stones that provide an interactive ‘living’ memorial that is a legacy for future generations. If cremated you can add a QR Code to the resting place or the ern itself.

These QR Codes can be printed on Brass, Aluminium or outdoor plastics which all provide long life and security. You can add slideshows, videos etc and upload to YouTube or your favourite platform and then link with the QR Code.


Pet Graves and memorials

The same system can be used for pets and animals who you cherish and have passed away.

Do It Yourself

Lots of the associated industries that work with the departed are slowly adding systems to allow for QR Codes however they can be quite expensive. If you just want one and it is going to redirect to a set page or video the our static QR Code generator is the one for you and any local laser engraver can add it to a food quality piece of metal or plastic.

You can use either a Static QR Code for a non changing url or a dynamic QR Code which enables you to change the destination many times but there is a cost $22 a year.




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