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Use our new dynamic QR Code generator to create your own dynamic QR Codes that can change the destination when ever you want.

Welcome to our New Dynamic QR Code Generator.

This white label application will enable you to create unlimited dynamic QR codes campaigns, and track them from your own server and website address.

The app supports campaigns for smartphone app downloads in app stores, and mobile websites .

Each campaign on the program is tracked, and gives reports that include real time scans, unique scans, GPS Country location, device types, and type of media used.

The program comes with user accounts, each with its own login credentials.

QR codes generated can be downloaded in vector formats such as pdf, eps, and svg also png.

See Videos Below For More Information on how the system works


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How to manage your subscription

How To Create a Dynamic QR Code and Change Destination

How To Decorate Your QR Code

Our New Dynamic QR Code Generator setup subscription and your first Dynamic QR Code Go to site.

How to use Analytics and Google UTM

Marketing using Your QR Codes


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