The precision of laser engraving means that we can successfully engrave fine details on most materials with high resolution graphics. The best material to meet your requirements depends on environment it is to be used in (exterior or interior), type of environment (abrasive), durability requirements etc.

We can supply the material to be engraved or you can provide your own material for engraving. The following are some of our most popular materials but other materials are available.


Is an UV-resistant acrylic-based laminate for both indoor and outdoor use. The thin top layer enables detailed engraving at high production speeds. With many colours and varieties available, we are not limited by design!

Thicknesses available: 0.8 mm, 1.6 mm, 3.2 mm


Is great for model making! – Need a suitable material for your 3D model project? MDF is fantastic for creating three-dimensional objects!

MDF is great for creative interior design! MDF laser wood ideal for making architectural models, as well as furniture making and interior shop fitting. Due to its ability to effectively absorb vibrations, MDF sheets are also used in speakers and flooring applications.


Looking for an eco-friendly and contemporary material for your signage, badges, business cards or project? We are able to engrave all types of wood, and can provide materials to suit your needs. Varieties available are as follows, in solid or veneer-style sheets:

Maple, Cherry, Alder, Oak, Walnut, Balsa, and more!


Looking for a way to personalise your wallet, leather key-ring, or compendium? We use high-precision C02 laser to mark the leather, leaving a design that does not scuff or wear away over time! We are able to have your design expertly created by one of our in-house designers, which will then be engraved or etched into leather.

Anodised Aluminium

Anodised Aluminium is a hardy material regularly used for pet tags, pens, construction and automotive components. When being engraved, the laser removes the anodised coating to reveal the surface of the aluminium below. Plain text as well as logos and images are able to be engraved on this material. The anodised surface layer will not crack or chip and can be exposed to sunlight, due to its UV stability.

We are also able to source larger sheets of aluminium for signage or other applications.

Colour varieties available are as follows:

Blue, Red, Purple, Green, and More!


We recommend and use 316#4 stainless steel which is marine grade and the most durable, as it has better corrosion resistant properties and is resistant to pitting. 304#4 stainless steel is also available if required. The Stainless Steel comes in 0.5mm to 3mm gauge with 1.2mm being the most popular.We supply laser cut stainless steel labels / tags to your size and shape with rounded or inverted corners or hole/adhesive as per your requirements. We also produce stainless steel plaques and signs. We custom laser engrave or laser etch a series of data, logos or images with precise accuracy. This material is used mostly by the electrical, water, automotive, welding and mining industries.

The laser beam engraves the steels and alters the molecular structure of the material causing changes in the colour which results in permanent marking with no need to paint fill unless colour is required.

Varieties available are as follows:

316#4 stainless (marine grade), 304#4 stainless steel


Have your own material? We will work with you to get the finish you’re looking for!

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