Before we get started lets me just explain what a QR Code for hotels  is.

A QR Code is a graphical presentation of link to a site on the web such as a webpages, social media, YouTube and many more. The graphic comes in different formats for scanning mainly a PNG, PDF for digital use and SVG and EPS for printers. It can contain small amounts of text etc but generally used for redirecting the scanner to a website.

There are two basic types of QR Codes which are Static and Dynamic.

A static QR Code is usually free and is a one time code which embeds the destination or info in the actual QR Code. It is good for many different purposes when there is no need to change the destination. eg. I can get quite complex if it is a big url or contains lots of information.

A Dynamic QR Code goes through a data base so the url is always the same but the destination can be changed many times without having to generate a new QR Code each time. This is because you actually are changing the database not the code. eg.

Using A QR Code for Hotels, Motels and Hospitality

QR Code for hotels

A QR code for hotels or motels is a collection of QR Code uses that can help hotel operations. This can be both administrative and customer based. Today we are looking more at the customer interaction.

This solution is mainly focused on improving hotel operations and services while ensuring the guests’ health safety.

These QR Codes can serve as the guest’s portal for booking, check-ins, ordering room service, and checking out other amenities available in the hotel. This is a great tool for diminishing operating resources and expenses.

Room usage & welcome messages using QR Code for Hotels

Now that we are entering a new era where modern technology counts as a wow factor to guests, some hotels are using QR codes as their means of welcoming their guests.

These QR codes can also be placed on coasters and hotel souvenirs. In this way, guests will scan the QR code and get the personalized welcome message through their phone screens even after they have left the premises.

In this way, they will feel their importance to the hotel they are staying in.

You can use your QR Code welcome page to do all sorts of things.


Customer reviews

Hotels earn their stars through constructive customer reviews.

Adding links to your welcome page means you can link to the pages you want them to use the most for reviews.

Restaurant recommendations

One of the reasons why people love to travel is to taste some famous local cuisines. Because of this, hotels are listing restaurants within their area to recommend their guests with it.

Appliance Instruction guides

One of the problems hotel guests are facing when checking into their rooms is trying to figure out how the room’s appliances work.

Tv, kettle, aircon etc can be daunting for some so some easy instructions can be of benefit. Even a short video can solve many problems and reduce service calls etc.

In this way, the guests can use the room appliances without any hassle.

Gallery for all the services offered by the hotel

If a guest wants to splurge its vacation stay in your hotel, you can recommend all the services you offer through the use of the QR codes welcome page.

By letting them scan the QR code, they can scroll through the gallery of services the hotel offers with its description and pricing.

Tracking and Statistics

The best way to market your hotel is through the use of QR codes as you can also get stats of how they are being used. Using it, you can track pertinent scanning data in real-time and determine the various likings of your guests.

In this way, you can learn about their culture and personalize your welcome greetings to them.

Benefits of QR codes for Hotels

There are 5 reasons why hotels should use QR codes in their operations and services.

Reduces paper usage

Accelerate check-in duration

Gives new experiences to guests

With the use of QR codes, hotel owners can give new experiences to guests by engaging them with modern technology transactions.


With the pandemic affecting the hospitality and restaurant economy, the need for reducing hotel operation cost intensifies.

Room folders and signs all take a lot of effort however a QR Code is a one time event that lasts for ever and can be updated and changed simply by adding or subtracting from the webpage.

By using templates for all the generic info you can change them all by simply changing one.


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