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What are QR Codes

A  QR Code stands for “Quick Response” and is a readable barcode.

They come in two types. 1. Static which are free and non editable. 2. Dynamic which the destination is editable and trackable.

QR Codes can contain a wide range of information and are being used by businesses all over the world as a marketing tool. If you have a smart phone you can use the camera, or load one of the many free QR Code reading apps, simply point and scan the QR Code image on this page and you will see the mobile version of this Website on your device.

To order your Dynamic QR Code go to our online shop for Dynamic QR Codes and you will be sent a receipt and your account will be setup and login details sent usually same day.

Many businesses are now using QR Codes for contactless sign in and we have a tutorial on how you can make your own for FREE. Click Here


QR Codes for all types of uses.

I get called a lot of times during the week with people in Australia wanting to know more about QR Codes so let’s sort it out for you.

Two Types of QR Codes There are basically two types of QR Codes. They are Static QR Codes and Dynamic QR Codes.

Static QR Codes

A static QR Code is one that is produced via a program and the destination is not able to be edited or changed after creation. It provides no stats and is usually free to create. We have a free generator on our site here. These are fine if all you want is to send people to the same place forever because once created it cannot be changed. Good for business information etc.

Dynamic QR Codes

A dynamic QR Code is built via a database which means the destination can be changed at any time and it can also provide statistics. To order your Dynamic QR Code go to our online shop for Dynamic QR Codes 


A PDF Document Answering many of the QR Code questions suitable for tablets and Computers Download 1.8 MB

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How to use the software

How to use the software

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