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QR Codes Australia provides a unique tracking system for QR Codes which can be linked to website, videos or social media.

Our process is designed to make it easy for the business, retailer, Corporate, promotions or app developer to take advantage of this new marketing technique.

We can create a mobile website designed around your current website and then link a QR Code with tracking to that site.

You can create your own QR Codes, sell them to others or we will do it for you. We offer a complete service with 1 to 500 QR Codes per account.

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QR Code Tracking

When you open an account, you will have access to our QR code tracking and analytics platform where you can measure:

  1. How many people scan your QR code. (Total number and unique scans)
  2. Where people scan your QR code. (The geographic location)
  3. When people scan your QR code. (Hour by hour, in real time)
  4. How long individuals spend on your website after scanning your QR code.
Total number of website pages individuals view after scanning your QR code.
  6. Types of devices and phones used to scan your QR code (i.e. Android, iPhone, Blackberry, etc.).
  7. If the content behind your QR code is shared on social media websites like Facebook & Twitter.

QR Code MagazineA PDF Document Answering many of the QR Code questions
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The connections that QR codes facilitate are the future of marketing. From 20 cents /month, your business or agency can stay ahead of the curve and track QR codes on our QR code tracking and analytics platform.

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What is a QR Code

A  QR Code (stands for “Quick Response”) is a mobile phone readable barcode that’s been big in Japan forever, broke into Europe a while back, and is now getting traction in USA and Australia.

A QR Code can contain a wide range of information and is being used by businesses all over the world as a marketing tool. If you have a smart phone, and have one of the many free QR Code reading apps installed, simply take a picture of the code to the left and you will see the mobile version of this site.

Your mobile sites can contain any information you like and we work with you to get the right fit. The standard key elements will be tap to call, google map with directions, contact form and then we will add any key elements from your current website.

A URL is fully trackable and gives a wide range of analytics. Our QR Codes start at  just $5.00 for 5 trackable codes for businesses,  agencies and resellers

Premium White Label QR Codes

You can make your own or we will do it all for you for $25.00 per QR Code/per year including tracking, QR Code generation and set up of account.

Web Marketing For ProfitJust Want One And For Us To Do It For You @ $25 per year

You Need To:

1. Provide us with your mobile website

2. Or provide us with your promotion which can be weekly, monthly, quarterly

We will:

2 Provide your custom QR Code and Tracking service

3. Support and updates as required

The Cost: $25 per year per QR Code Click here to request an Invoice

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Qr Codes Australia provides a complete production and tracking service for your business

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