QR Smart Labels – Scannable Labels for Storage and Organization

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Purchse any number of Smart QR Code Labels with 21 smart QR Code labels per sheet.

Stay organized with ​color coded QR Smart Labels. ​ Find everything in your storage from your phone.

Smart Labels was created for the organizer in you. Catalog all of your items going into your boxes, totes or other storage containers and know where everything is at any time.

Just search for whatever you have in storage and the Smart Labels app tells you where you put the box, which color sticker you used and the ID to look for on the sticker!

You’ll never have to go box diving again to find that thing you haven’t needed in a year. Smart Labels makes organization easy and fun.

About this item

  • SMART ORGANIZATION: Smart Labels are QR codes that you can scan and manage from our mobile app. The labels come in 4 color coded sticker sheets to help you create a better system for storing anything like crafts, tool boxes, baby clothes, spring cleaning, you name it!
  • MANAGE FROM MOBILE: Track and manage labels from your mobile phone. Easily organize your storage using our iOS & Android app. Stay organized by adding photos, names, and descriptions of each item in your box.
  • INVENTORY MADE EASY: Take the stress out of tracking inventory. Each label has a unique identifier to help you digitally organize your entire catalog of containers. You’ll be able to store, organize, and find anything you’re looking for in a matter of minutes.
  • FIND THINGS QUICKLY: You tell the app what you are storing and where so it’s easy to find later. Use the search tool in the app to search and find your stuff! The app will tell you where you put your container, along with the label’s color and ID.
  • MUST HAVE MOVING ESSENTIALS: Get excited about moving with Smart Labels. These much needed packing supplies are the perfect labels for organizing moving boxes and totes in storage units. You’ll know exactly what’s in each box without the hassle of opening them all.
  • Get free use of the SmartLabels app for one year with the purchase of a sticker pack. Free year includes: Use of up to 48 QR code labels in the app with unlimited item creation. A feature to let you move items seamlessly between labels. Maximum of one year free regardless of how many packs purchased. Annual subscriptions start at $11.95 per year.

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