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Last year, Mercedes Fashion Week took a bold step away from tradition. A step toward the future of mobile with the introduction of a 2D barcode scan check-in process executed by Control Group. This move eliminated the cumbersome process of paper invitations and guest list check-in that had long help up lines at this coveted

QR monkey and Indigitous have launched a QR Code vertical for retailers called ExtraTags. The idea is to transform ordinary hangtags into dynamic mobile advertisements with QR Codes and an online tool that creates mobile web pages. The basic version of ExtraTags includes a content management dashboard, template library manager, branded mobile web page generator, hosting, print

What is QR Code Tracking? QR Code Tracking here at QR Codes Australia is very much like Google Analytics. Once you have created the code in our tracking software we provide you with a code to add into the pages you want tracked. Our QR Code Tracking is designed more for the marketer who wants

The most important part of the process is the offer. When a client scans your code it is important that you send them to a mobile friendly url for offers or content. In our research I don’t know how many times we were redirected to a standard site that was almost impossible to read on a smart

This is using a HTC Wildfire and an example of one of our mobile websites.

QR codes are popping up everywhere in the Australia.

In case you aren’t familiar with the tech, a QR code is a type of barcode which is square and is made up of a complicated pattern of black and white dots. You can find them in magazines, on business cards, and even on billboards.

Simply download a app for Iphone, android or other phones to use this feature.

Once you have created your QR Code you will want to add it to your media. This can be brochures, advertisements in any print media, websites, apparel in fact anywhere you can print the code. Destination It is always a good idea to add some information about where the code will take you. Remember that