Hi and welcome to the Best QR Code Generator in Australia.

There are very few businesses in Australia that supply QR Code Generators in both static and dynamic formats.

Our servers are based in Melbourne and our business is based in Brisbane so you are dealing with a local business. Many of the other companies are based overseas in Europe and America and also have great systems however very hard to contact them.

A Little About Us

We established out business back in 1998 when we started building websites for charities and this grew and expanded to websites for many different businesses.

In 2003 we developed some streaming Audio and Video software that was unique because back then it streamed over dial up Internet for those who remember.

2011 we started developing mobile websites for the new breed of smartphones and also when we started to create the first QR Codes for Australian businesses. This was mainly dynamic QR Codes and used overseas generators for static QR Codes.

If your not used to QR Codes yet there are basically two types.

,A  QR Code stands for “Quick Response” and is a readable barcode.

In most cases a QR Code is a redirection service and does not contain much information. The redirection is usually to a web address of some sort like a webpage, YouTube, social media etc. It can contain some other information however this also increases the density of the QR Code.

They come in two types. 1. Free Static QR Code Generator which are free and non editable.

2. Dynamic QR Codes which the destination is editable and trackable and have a fee for the database..

QR Codes are made of multiple rows and columns. The combination of these rows and columns makes a grid of modules (squares). There can be a maximum of 177 rows and 177 columns which means the maximum possible number of modules is 31,329.

With the naked eye these are just small squares and mean very little, but the exact arrangement of those modules allows the QR Code to encode its data. This means that unlike traditional barcodes which are 1 dimensional and use 1 row of lines, QR Codes use 2 dimensions which allows them to store a lot more data in the same area of space.

What most people don’t realise is that the more data you put in a QR Code the denser it becomes.

QR Code Density

How Dynamic QR Codes Work

When you create a QR Code the information within the code will never change.

By using some technology we can manipulate the code to point to different pages on the Internet by passing them through a database. This is then known as a dynamic QR Code.

Dynamic QR code allows you to edit your URL or content at any time to any other URL, this saves you time and money on printing. You also get some basic tracking details. This is all possible because it uses a data base to generate the QR Code then links that url to a database and which allows for the changes.

The database url in the code does not change. They usually look like this  https://qrcau.com.au/?id=66 but when scanned it gets the actual URL from the database and delivers it to the device. This also means the QR Code remain clear and not dense.

With a static QR, the user will go directly to your URL, however, you are unable to edit your URL.

Best Generator

So QR Codes Australia has two different generators. One is Static and the other is Dynamic.

Contact us for more information.


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