Over the years I have developed a wide range of products and services. QR Codes Australia was established over 10 years ago however only took off during covid.

I recently wrote a book on my journey and Digital Product Creation For Individuals and Businesses. I also made it a training session in how to create your own digital products and you can download for FREE.

This can apply to anyone or any business. Digital Product Creation can be anything from catalogues for your products, courses, videos, eBooks and much more.

You can access your FREE copy of Digital Product Creation by clicking on the book or link. No email or anything required.

Digital Product Creation

Digital Product Creation Can Yield a Number of Benefits for Both Individuals and Businesses.

Here are the key benefits based of Digital Product Creation:

Many processes involved in selling Digital Product Creation can be automated, such as checkout, delivery of goods, and follow-up emails. This allows more focus on growth, product development, and customer satisfaction.

Physical products are great, we can’t wear digital sweatpants right? But selling digital products offers all sorts of advantages. We’ll show you how to leverage these advantages.

The internet is a large market with lower barriers to entry and the profit margins are irresistible however because the failure rate of these businesses is also very high. Some of the benefits are:

  • Digital products last forever
  • Never out of stock
  • Unlimited product types
  • Easier to manage, sell, and deliver
  • Personal freedom and lifestyle
  • Helping others
  • Lower Overhead Costs
  • Running a digital product store requires far less overhead cost than a physical product store.
  • No raw materials
  • No storage and warehousing
  • No packing and fulfillment
  • No shipping expenses and materials And, don’t forget, you don’t have to operate one or more brick and mortar stores.

That increases your list of avoided expenses: No rent or commercial real estate loans No electricity No natural gas No air conditioning and/or furnace (HVAC) No security and surveillance No point-of-sale software and hardware  Fewer staff members, or better, you are freed up to hire staff members that more directly help with growth and customer satisfaction

You can also automate many processes. You won’t have a staff member doing point of sale. You’ll automate checkout, delivery of goods, purchase receipts, and follow up emails. Digital Product Creation allows for a wide range of saving but also product types.

Staff members can focus on developing new products, marketing, or customer happiness.

Building your own digital product store is far cheaper and way easier than building or renting brick and mortar a store.

Your Global Niche On the internet: it’s easy to find niche communities that want every imaginable kind of unique digital product. For example, there may only be a few ukulele players in your town that want your sheet music. But how many ukulele players are there in the entire world!? Plenty. More than enough potential customers to build a high-profit margin business.

Lower Barriers to Entry: If you have any creative skills – in writing, design, music, video, computers, coding education, or any other field – you can make digital products. There is nothing stopping you! It’s generally faster to make a digital product than a physical one. You just need a high quality product, a Stripe or PayPal account, and a marketplace or website to sell your product on.

There is much less risk and financial investment. As we showed above you have less overhead and larger potential market than with a physical product store. You are also less -or completely not- dependent on others. You won’t have to have suppliers, manufacturers, or shipping and fulfillment vendors. It’s possible to get started all by yourself.  You can get started with just a computer and an internet connection.

You can focus on marketing (growth) and customer happiness. This will very likely lead to higher profits and faster profits. Digital Products Last Forever unlike physical products, digital products are not subject to wear, tear, or deterioration. There is little risk of them becoming permanently obsolete. There is no storage or warehousing to cause problems. No worries about earthquakes, hurricanes, floods or tornadoes (or global pandemics).

Digital products may become less relevant over time as technology changes. But they can be updated, upgraded, and improved.  This makes it possible for them to last pretty much forever.

Digital products can be used indefinitely, remaining in the same condition they were in on the day of purchase. Most digital products actually get better over time. As long as they are updated and improved as needed. Think about the potential!


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