Australia has a 90% mobile phone penetration and QR Code usage has rapidly grown in the region simultaneously. (Simple, 2019)

The COVID-19 pandemic has kickstarted the usage of QR Codes in top industry verticals – restaurants, retail, and even hotels. QR Codes were already popular, the contactless technology and convenience it promotes have somersaulted its usage in recent months.

If you want to see how to setup your own contactless sign read this article where I show you exactly how to do it.

QR Code Scanners

Using your camera and a QR code scanner on your mobile device, it’s easy to scan a code to download an app or go to a website—a bit too easy, some might say. What if the QR code is for a malicious app, or takes you to a dangerous website? How would you know before it’s too late?

Trend Micro’s free QR Scanner for Android (and its equivalent in Trend Micro Mobile Security for iOS), lets you scan QR codes easily and safely, performing high quality URL safety checks on all the codes that you scan.

Also QR Codes can send you to dangerous places so we recommend you use the Kaspersky QR Code scanner which will protect you from bad sites. Another good one in Australia is by Trend Micro.

What is A QR Code?

In basic terms a QR Code is a redirection service in a graphic format much like the URL shortener like Bitly etc. You enter a URL to anywhere and then it creates a graphic that can be printed and when scanned takes you to whatever that URL is.

It can do a little more like contain contact information or text so when scanned it enables you to add that contact info instantly or read the text.

Decoration of QR Codes


It is always better to decorate your QR Code with some software like Photoshop or an online editor like Pixlr so you can come back and adjust or update at a later time. Many generators let you do this in the creation process but it cannot be changed and you have to use the above anyway.


If you need any help with your QR Codes be sure to contact me.   

Our New Dynamic QR Code Generator is live

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